New Release Show Playlist 8-20-13

Ski Lodge – “Just To Be Like You” – BIG HEART

Paper Lions – “Bodies In The Winter” – MY FRIENDS

We Are Twin – “The Way We Touch” – WE ARE TWIN – Ep

Misun – “Hills And Trails” – HILLS AND TRAILS – Single

Glass Towers – “Halcyon” – HALCYON DAYS

The Suburbs – “Dumbass Kids” – SI SUAVAGE

Cults – “I Can Hardly Make You Mine” – STATIC

Cults – “Abducted” – CULTS*

Boz Scaggs – “Lowdown” – ORIGINAL ALBUM CLASSICS**

Stillwater Giants – “Insane” – INSANE – Single

Pale Robot – “I Want Your Blood” – PALE ROBOT

Camden – “Scars” – SCARS – A-side

The Colourist – “Little Games” – LIDO – Ep


**Re-Issue Song of the Week

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