New Release Show Playlist – 9-24-13

Vimes – “Celestial” – CELESTIAL – Single

The Naked and Famous – “A Stillness” – IN ROLLING WAVES

Eves – “Zen” – ZEN – Single

Bree Tranter – “Wounded Love” – JAWS – Ep

Empra – The Chronicles of Office Politics” – STRANGE COLLECTION

FMLYBND – “Forever” – GOLD – Ep

Sarah Jarosz – “Over The Edge” – BUILD ME UP FROM BONES

Sarah Jarosz – “Edge of a Dream” – SONG UP IN HER HEAD*

The Mamas and The Papas – “Words of Love” – THE MAMAS AND THE PAPAS**

Kid Astray – “Like You Care” – EASILY LED ASTRAY

The Big Sun – “Ice Cream Van Man” – ICE CREAM VAN MAN – Single

Said The Whale – “Narrows” – HAWAII

Grouplove – “Borderlines and Aliens” – SPREADING RUMOURS

Body Parts – “People” – FIRE DREAM


**Re-Issue Song of the Week

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