New Release Show Playlist 8-27-13

Body Parts – “Unavoidable Things” – FIRE DREAM

Deep Sea Arcade – “Black Cat” – BLACK CAT – Single

La Dee Da – “Builder” – A DAY IN THE PARK

Emerson Star – “Please Sister (Live)” – PLEASE SISTER – Single

Antonio//Paul – “Coloured Screens”- COLOURED SCREENS – Single

Holy Ghost – “Okay” – DYNAMICS

Dent May – “Born Too Late” – WARM BLANKET

Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele – “Meet Me In The Garden” – THE GOOD FEELING MUSIC OF DENT MAY & HIS MAGNIFICENT UKULELE *

America – “Tin Man” – HOLIDAY**

Ladada – “Comets” – LADADA

Felix Snow – “This Pool Party Feels Like A Funeral” – THIS POOL PARTY FEELS LIKE A FUNERAL – Single

Poliça – “Chain My Name” – SHULAMITH

Zach Buchanan – “Little River” – LITTLE RIVER – Single


**Re-Issue Song of the Week

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