New Release Show Playlist 7-29-14

Francisco The Man – “Progress” – LOOSE ENDS

Avi Buffalo – “So What” – AT BEST CUCKOLD

Turtle & Fox – “I’m A Sardine” – I’M A SARDINE – Single

Big White – “EOFY” – EOFY – Single

The Black Angels – “Sunday Evening” – CLEAR LAKE FOREST – Ep

The Raveonettes – “Killer In The Streets” – PE’AHI

Erlend Oye – “Garota” – LEGAO

Kings Of Convenience – “I’d Rather Dance With You” – RIOT ON AN EMPTY STREET*

The Human League – “Don’t You Want Me Baby” – DARE**

Yeo – “Kobe” – COME FIND ME – Ep

The Tallest Tree – “Boat” – BOAT – Single

The Rosebuds – “Blue Eyes” – SAND + SILENCE

Straight Arrows – “Petrified” – RISING

Tin Sparrow – “Echoes In The Dark” – SHOELACE RING – Ep


**Re-Issue Song of the Week

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