New Release Show Playlist 6-3-14

Wonder Villians – “Zola” – ROCKY

Panama Wedding – “Uma” – PARALLEL PLAY – Ep

Marmalade Ghost – “This Chest Of Drawers” – THIS CHEST OF DRAWERS – Single

The Money Go Round – “Velvet Sky” – VELVET SKY – Single

White Reaper – “Cool” – WHITE REAPER – Ep

Tin Sparrow – “Echoes In The Dark” – ECHOES IN THE DARK – Single

Bahamas – “All The Time” – BAHAMAS IS AFIE

Bahamas – “Caught Me Thinking” – BARCHORDS*

Todd Rundgren – “I Saw The Light” – SOMETHING/ANYTHING?**

Young Maverick – “Running Around” – RUNNING AROUND – Single

Slow Club – “Suffering You, Suffering Me” – COMPLETE SURRENDER

The Coppertone – “Woman To Woman” – THE BAKERY – Ep

Shy For Shore – “Love Again” – LOVE AGAIN – Single

The Good Sports – “No Sleep Pt. 2” – NO SLEEP PT. 2 – Single


**Re-Issue Song of the Week

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