New Release Show Playlist 6-24-14

Bleached – “For The Feel” – FOR THE FEEL – Single

Spider Bags – “Japanese Vacation” – FROZEN LETTER

Winters End – “Walls” – WALLS – Single

Tree Of Wolves – “Half Light” – HALF LIGHT – Single

Gabby Young and the Other Animals – “I’ve Improved” – ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER

The Rosebuds – “In My Teeth” – SAND + SILENCE

Field Mouse – “Two Ships” – HOLD STILL LIFE

Field Mouse – “Tomorrow Is Yesterday” – TOMORROW IS YESTERDAY – Single*

Boz Skaggs – “Lowdown” – HITS!**

Kai Exos – “Joe” – TELEGRAPH

Donovan Blanc – “Without A Thing To Doubt” – DONOVAN BLANC

The Growlers – “Big Toe” – CHINESE FOUNTAIN

Rivergazer – “Safari Jack” – SAFARI JACK – Single

Sleepy Tea – “Hold On To Your Breath” – SPECKS

Angus & Julia Stone – “Heart Beats Slow” – ANGUS & JULIA STONE


**Re-Issue Song of the Week

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