New Release Show Playlist 5-31-16

Swimming Tapes – “Set The Fire” – SET THE FIRE – Single

Stephen’s Shore – “Ocean Blue” – OCEAN BLUE – Single

Winters End – “Thoughts” – THOUGHTS – Single

Sunhaus – “Realignment” – REALIGNMENT – Single

Rainbow Chan – “Last” – LAST – Single

Band Of Skulls – “So Good” – BY DEFAULT

Major Leagues – “Better Off” – DREAM STATES – Ep

Major Leagues – “Endless Drain” – WEIRD SEASON – Ep*

My Morning Jacket – “Golden” – IT STILL MOVES**

The Velveteins – “Sunhat” – A HOT SECOND WITH THE VELVETEINS

Trails and Ways – “My Things” – MY THINGS

D.D Dumbo – “Satan” – SATAN – Single

The Monkees – “You Bring The Summer” – GOOD TIMES

Don Vail – “Personal League” – FADES – Ep

Pure Youth – “Other Side” – OTHER SIDE – Single


**Re-Issue Song Of The Week

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