New Release Show Playlist 4-3-18

Dirty Pixels – “On Ice” – ON ICE / TRANSISTOR LADY – Single

Hinds – “Finally Floating” – I DON’T RUN

Bloodboy – “Is Now a Good Time to Ruin Your Life?” – PUNK ADJACENT

Wesley Jensen and The Penny Arcade – “Humanitarians” – SOMETHING OLD – Ep

Winter – “Zoey” – ETHEREALITY

The Vaccines – “Maybe (Luck of the Draw)” – COMBAT SPORTS

Francis – “All I Want” – ALL I WANT – Single

Francis – “Swing” – SWING – Single*

The Cars – “Since You’re Gone” – SHAKE IT UP**

Kacey Musgraves – “Butterflies” – GOLDEN HOUR

Fuzzy Sun – “Want Love” – WANT LOVE – Ep

Stuart Mavis – “Ocean” – STUART MAVIS – Ep

Frankie Cosmos – “Apathy” – VESSELS

illuminati hotties – “Paying Off The Happiness” – KISS YR FRENEMIES


**Re-Issue Song Of The Week

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