New Release Show Playlist 3-7-17

Amber Arcades – “It Changes” – IT CHANGES – Single

Portugal, The Man – “Feel It Still” – FEEL IT STILL – Single

The Clear – “The Planets” – THE PLANETS – Single

Pom Poms – “Gimme You” – GIMME YOU – Single

Side Saddle – “Dog In The Night” – DOG IN THE NIGHT – Single

Beach Fossils – “This Year” – SOMERSAULT

The Drums – “Blood Under My Belt” – ABYSMAL THOUGHTS

The Drums – “How It Ended” – PORTAMENTO*

The Vaughan Brothers – “Hard To Be” – FAMILY STYLE**

Evening Darling – “Live Where You Lay” – LIVE WHERE YOU LAY – Single

Diet Cig – “Barf Day” – SWEAR I’M GOOD AT THIS

Wavves – “Daisy” – YOU’RE WELCOME

Charlie and the Villas – “I’ll Wonder Again” – I’LL WONDER AGAIN – Single

Bordeen – “Ocean Tide” – OCEAN TIDE – Single


**Re-Issue Song Of The Week

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