New Release Show Playlist 3-27-18

Crooked Teeth – “Mountain Song” – MOUNTAIN SONG – Single

The Boys With the Perpetual Nervousness – “Nervous Man” – NERVOUS MAN – Single

Rob Drabkin – “It’s A Beautiful Day” – BEAUTIFUL DAY

Hot Flash Heat Wave – “Glo Ride” – GLO RIDE – Single

Swampmeat Family Band – “Long Way Down” – TO MANY THINGS TO HIDE

Cary Brothers – “Crush” – CRUSH – Single

Sunflower Bean – “Twentytwo” – TWENTYTWO IN BLUE

Sunflower Bean – “Easier Said” – HUMAN CEREMONY*

Tom Waits – “(Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night” – THE HEART OF SATURDAY NIGHT**

Nasty Magic – “Hide & Seek” – HIDE & SEEK – Single

Someone – “Chain Reaction” – CHAIN REACTION – Ep

Sigrid – “Raw” – RAW – Single

Carla Geneve – “Greg’s Discount Chemist” – GREG’S DISCOUNT CHEMIST – Single

Hinds – “New For You” – I DON’T RUN

The RPMs – “Your Ghost” – YOUR GHOST – Single


**Re-Issue Song Of The Week

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