New Release Show Playlist 3-19-19

Tugboat Captain – “Be Strong, Smoke Less” – BE STRONG, SMOKE LESS – Single

Hobby Club – “Bedroom” – VIDEO DAYS – Ep

Born Idiot – “Pictures” – COCO TRIP – Ep

Hydromag – “When I Try” – WHEN I TRY – Single

Black Cats & Magpies – “Better Days” – BETTER DAYS – Single

Vampire Weekend – “Sunflower ft. Steve Lacy” – FATHER OF THE BRIDE

Stephen Malkmus and the Jinks – “Come Get Me” – GROOVE DENIED

Stephen Malkmus and the Jinks – “Future Suite” – SPARKLE HARD

Meat Loaf – “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” – HITS OUT OF HELL

Frankie Cosmos – “Dancing” – HAUNTED ITEMS #1 – Single

Marble Arch – “Gold” – CHILDREN OF THE SLUMP

Wasuremono – “Are You OK?” – ARE YOU OKAY?

Local Natives – “Cafe Armarillo” – VIOLET STREET

girl in red – “i need to be alone” – I NEED TO BE ALONE – Single

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