New Release Show Playlist 2-6-18

ELEL – “Be Yeah” – BE YEAH – Single

Chase McBride – “The Color Blue” – THE COLOR BLUE – Single

Therese Lithner – “Drown” – DROWN – Single

Pure Mids – “Maybe It’ Alright” – OPTIMISTIC-ISM

Rae Morris – “Atletico (The Only One)” – SOMEONE OUT THERE

Field Music – “Checking On A Message” – OPEN HERE

The James Hunter Six – “I Don’t Wanna Be Without You” – WHATEVER IT TAKES

James Hunter – “It’s So Easy To Say” – PEOPLE GONNA TALK*

Daryl Hall & John Oates – “She’s Gone” – TIMELESS CLASSICS**

Lazy Day – “Weird Cool” – WEIRD COOL – Single

Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? – “Magic Swimming Pants” – JAZZBELLE 1984 / 1988

Mt. Doubt – “Conduits” – MOON LANDING – Ep

Holy Motors – “Signs” – SLOW SUNDOWN


**Re-Issue Song Of The Week

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