New Release Show Playlist 2-13-18

Warming – “White Lies” – WHITE LIES – Single

Human Resources – “Sylvia” – SYLVIA – Single

Lauren Ruth Ward – “Did I Offend You?” – WELL, HELL

Libby Steel – “The End” – THE END – Single

The Spook School – “Body” – COULD IT BE DIFFERENT?

Middle Kids – “Mistake” – LOST FRIENDS

Wild Child – “Think It Over” – EXPECTATIONS

Wild Child – “Pillow Talk” – PILLOW TALK*

The Specials – “A Message To You Rudy” – THE BEST OF THE SPECIALS**

Insomniac Bears – “Purple Past” – HYPERCOLOR

Dr. Doctor – “Smoke” – SMOKE – Single

Upsahl – “Kiss Me Now” – KISS ME NOW – Single

Kidsmoke – “Sister Sadness” – SISTER SADNESS – Single

Quivers – “Burnt My Maps” – WE’LL GO RIDING ON THE HEARSES


**Re-Issue Song Of The Week

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