New Release Show Playlist 11-3-15

The Big Sun – “Lonely Girl” – LONELY GIRL – Single

Eden Mulholland – “Four To The Floor” – HUNTED HAUNTED

Lily & The Bellows – “White Lies” – WHITE LIES – Single

Sun Club – “Beauty Meat” – THE DONGO DURANGO

Paper Lions – “Believer” – BELIEVER – Single

Elephant Stone – “The Devil’s Shelter (Feat. Alex Maas)” – THE DEVIL’S SHELTER – Single

The Neighbourhood – “Prey” – WIPED OUT!

The Neighbourhood – “Sweater Weather” – I’M SORRY – Ep*

Erasure – “Chains Of Love” – ALWAYS: THE VERY BEST OF ERASURE**

Ekko Park – “Probable Cause” – KNOW HOPE

Epsilona – “Going Home” – THINKERS – Ep

Last Dinosaurs – “Wurl” – WELLNESS

Graeme James – “Alive” – ALIVE – Single


**Re-Issue Song Of The Week

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