New Release Show Playlist 10-23-18

Chez Ali – “Adore You” – ADORE YOU – Single

Belle Mare – “We Can Wait For Love” – LIARS – Ep

Art d’Ecco – “Joy” – TRESPASSER

Sleep State – “Dyin’ When I See Ya” – DYIN’ WHEN I SEE YA – Single

Palmas – “Where Are You Going” – WHERE ARE YOU GOING – Single

Elle King – “Shame” – SHAKE THE SPIRIT

Molly Burch – “First Flower” – FIRST FLOWER

Molly Burch – “Downhearted” – PLEASE BE MINE

The Cranberries – “Dreams” – EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING IT, WHY CAN’T WE?

Futuro Pelo – “Nncy” – EDEN – Ep

Gabby’s World – “I Get You” – BEAST ON BEAST

Peter Bjorn and John – “Gut Feeling” – DARKER DAYS

Baywaves – “Over Time” – OVER TIME – Single

Papercuts – “How To Quit Smoking” – PARALLEL UNIVERSE BLUES

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