New Release Show Playlist 1-2-18

Cheers Elephant – “Summer Surf” – STONEMASTERS

Oranges & Lemons – “Lovers Go, Lovers Come” – LOVERS GO, LOVERS COME – Single

Villa Rivercat – “Sunshine” – DAYS AND WEEKS AND HOURS

William Wild – “Who Do You Love” – WHO DO YOU LOVE – Single

Hatchie – “Sure” – SURE – Single

Jinka – “Shock Mounted” – SHOCK MOUNTED – Single

Geowulf – “Hideaway” – GREAT BIG BLUE

Geowulf – “Don’t Talk About You” – DON’T TALK ABOUT YOU – Single*

Camera Obscura – “Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken” – LET’S GET OUT OF THIS COUNTRY**

The Sufis – “All Knowing (71)” – AFTER HOURS

Brett – “Doll” – DOLL – Single

Lemuria – “Wanted To Be Yours” – RECREATIONAL HATE

Lake Jons – “Call Me” – CALL ME – Single


**Re-Issue Song Of The Week

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