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Another week of the Summer has gone by.  August is always a tough month to find good new music. The labels focus their new releases for September. However, I’m getting better at discovering new talent, so let me tell you about what I found this week.

I got the program started with reprising the band…Wild Ones. They are mixed-gendered band out of Portland and I found them a couple of weeks ago and I have been listening to their new album KEEP IT SAFE quite a bit, which unusual for me. It’s just really well done with some great content. The track I played first, in July, was Curse Over Me.”^  I also liked It’s Real and Golden Twin.”  I’m thinking about putting it on my Best Of list but in the “My Own Desire” category. This cut was Row.”    ^You can download “Curse Over Me” from that link

I followed that with another reprised band…Ski Lodge.  Ski Lodge is a quartet based in New York City and they play some up-tempo, Alt. or Indie Pop. They also tagged their music as So-Fi, which I don’t know precisely what that means. I originally debuted Just To Be Like You,” back in May. It was the designated single; and it also has a nifty video for it too. However, the full album has been released so I felt compelled to play you a deeper cut from the CD…because it’s a good disc. The tune I aired was Boy and the new album is BIG HEART.

Changing musical direction with a nice little tune from Devon Sproule. She’s a singer/songwriter originally from Kingston, Ontario, Canada but she now makes her home in Charlottesville, Virginia. I ran across this song over the weekend on SoundCloud. (Man…I am loving SoundCloud these days). Anyway…I randomly found this single, You Can’t Help It, with Devon’s name attached to it; and I’ve played Devon’s music before but what struck me was that Devon only contributed the words. Mike O’Neill wrote the music. In fact, Mike really liked the music he created; he just couldn’t quite put the right words to the sound. So he enlisted Devon’s help and they came up with a really nice tune.

Next came a tune from Agua Roja.  Agua Roja is another band I found by quirky happenstance on SoundCloud…but I’m glad I did.  I don’t have a great deal of information on this band other than they are a trio from Paris; November is the lead singer’s name; and you can download that single, Summer Ends, for free via their Facebook Page. Well…it will cost you a “like” on their Facebook Page but that’s a bargain.

Let’s keep things moving here with an Emo-Indie, mixed-gendered trio from Houston, Texas. They call themselves Football, Etc.  The band’s name is unusual and they are very serious about the sport.  Their debut EP was called FIRST DOWN; their debut, full-length album was THE DRAFT; and their latest effort will be titled AUDIBLE.  And all the songs titles are sports or game related…like “Safety,” “Away Game” and “Lambeau Leap.”  It’s amusing but I think it can become tiresome and limiting.  But we’ll see. I played the album’s pre-release single. It’s called Fair.”

I followed that with new music from Lucius.  It’s I originally found this band because of a tweet from Katie Costello, whom I love. By happenstance, I read Katie’s note about Lucius and it caused me to investigate further. The band is fronted by two fabulous singers, Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig. They are supported by Dan Molad and Peter Lalish. The two ladies harmonizing is sublime. I saw them live at this year’s SXSW and they were outstanding. Well, they are back with a brand new album, WILDEWOMAN, which is due for release on October 15th and I sampled the lead off single; Hey, Doreen.”

My lineage subject was Saint Motel. They are a quartet out of the Los Angeles area and I like what they do. They released an album back in 2009 and since then had been releasing a series of singles. Their follow up album, VOYEUR, finally dropped in 2012.  Well…they are back to the singles strategy again and that’s what I have for you this morning. The new single is My Type and it has a Sixties Retro-Soul feel to it. It’s also a little bit of a departure from their previous material, which I like.

Part two of the lineage was Puzzle Pieces, which was originally released as a single in 2011 and was also included in their 2012 album, VOYEUR.

Keeping the music going here with a visit to today’s re-issue release of the week.  It was from The Kinks.  It’s the latest of the many Best Of compilations that have been put together on the Kinks. The differentiating piece of this collection is the addition of Ray Davies solo material and even a couple of solo tracks from Dave Davies.  This collection is titled WATERLOO SUNSET: THE BEST OF THE KINKS AND RAY DAVIES. There were so many choices I went with the seasonal appropriate tune…Sunny Afternoon.”

I closed off that two-song set with a track from the Arctic Monkeys.  And WOW!  What a great tune from Alex Turner and the boys for Sheffield, England. The tune I played, “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High,” is not even the lead off single. (I believe that Do I Wanna Know has that honor).  The new album is simply titled AM and is set to drop on September 10th.

Dandelion Wine is the latest single from The Band In Heaven. They have been described as Nightmare Pop, which I don’t know what that means. I just thought it was worth sharing it as a sub-genre identifier.  I checked out some of their earlier work and I kind of get that descriptive, however, with their latest album, CAUGHT IN A SUMMER SWELL, they’ve softened their artist approach to a more accessible version of DreamPop or Shoegaze. The album is set for release on the 17th of September.

Next was a brand new music from a band called No Middle Name. They are a self-described Lo-Fi, DreamPop band but it’s really a solo vehicle from David Bailey. If you listened live you would have heard that David wasn’t singing alone on the track I played, Another Season.”  Lindsay West, from the Lindsay West Band, helps out.  There is a very clever video to this song that I’ve posted already on my Facebook Page and my Twitter feed.

Let me slip in one more from Panama Wedding. They are a synth Pop band based in New York City.  They have just released this radio ready, summertime tune, as a single, called All Of The People.” If you like this song…it’s available for a free download via the band’s SoundCloud page.  How can you beat that?

Songs in BOLD are links to videos of that song. Songs that are ITALICIZED are links to Soundcloud Audio Files of said song.

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