Music You Might Otherwise Miss 5-5-15

I lost these notes for a couple of weeks, which through off my whole Blog system and timing. I’ve done my best to recover and reorganize the bits of background. I hope it’s helpful.

The got the show started with Canyonero. Canyonero is four young lads from Brisbane playing, as they say, “Shameless Pop Rock.” They’ve only been together for about two years and have been pulling out some straightforward guitar driven Pop. They dropped their very first EP, THE ANIMALS, in 2013; followed by another EP, MUSKETS AT DAWN in 2014; and now they’ve just released this single, Here’s To Smiling. I went back and listened to some of their earlier work and I really liked what I heard. I like these guys a lot.

That tune was followed up by with the new single from Yukon Blonde. They are a quartet out of Vancouver, British Columbia that focuses on summery melodies, jangly guitars and crisp harmonies. Now I know they are from Canada but I actually found them via my go-to Australian music site. Apparently after the band played at No Years and Peats Ridge Festival, in Queensland and New South Wales, respectively; they started to get airplay on the local stations. I just saw them play a great showcase at this year’s SXSW music festival. The tune I had for airplay was Como and it’s the pre-release single to their upcoming album ON BLONDE, which is due out June 16th.

Changing musical direction with another artist that reached out to me directly and I have to say that I am happy she did. This singer/songwriter goes by the name Pankhabilli. She splits her time between Wales and France, which I think gives her music a truly international flavor. Pankhabilli released this single, Water On Mars,” just a few days ago and while I was researching her for my show I discovered that she just released another song this morning. I will feature that one on next week’s show.

Next came a tune from the Colleagues. They are from Sweden and I spun their second single, “Talk It Out,“ from their soon-to-be released EP, VISITS, which drops on June 8th.

I then played another band returning to the New Release Show…it’s Pree. They are a creative and clever Alt. Pop, mixed-gendered, four-piece. They have a deal with Paper Garden Records and will be releasing a new album, RIMA, which came out today. I played their wonderful pre-release single, Two Feet Shy,” back in September of 2014. I will probably make them my double down feature for next week’s show. To tempt you…I have for you now…a deeper cut from the album – Hi-Livin’.”

Then came a new tune from Cayucas. Cayucas is really just a vehicle for Zach Yudin. In fact, before there was Cayucas there was Oregon Bike Trails; Zach first musical incarnation. I first started listening to Zach’s stuff back in April of 2011. The new album, under this moniker, DANCING AT THE BLUE LAGOON, has a release date of June 23rd. I had for airplay the album’s lead off single Moony Eyed Walrus.”

My lineage feature was Gypsy & The Cat. Not too many people in the States know a great deal about this duo from Melbourne, Australia. I found them back in 2010; with another track inserted into light rotation in 2011. They have released this single, Can’t Stop Me Now,” which is the second single released this year. The first was Lost Control so I’m thinking a new album is on the way. I’ll keep you posted.

Part two of the lineage was satisfied by Time To Wander,” which was originally released as a stand alone single in 2010 and was included on their debut, full-length album, GILGAMESH, in 2012.

My re-issue release of the week was from Blondie and the album that was re-issued was PARALLEL LINES. The album originally came out in 1978. Debbie Harry and the boys struck gold with the release of this, their third album, with hits on it like Heart Of Glass,” One Way or Another,” Sunday Girl,” and the one I played…a Nerves cover…Hanging On The Telephone.”

I followed up Blondie with the latest effort from the LOUDS. They are and Electronica/Rock band out of the Philadelphia area. The line-up seems to be shifting. Their SoundCloud page has six members listed; while their Facebook page only has three but they have a Profile Cover showing five. However you cut it…it looks like the family name Brooks is the cohesive factor with Charlie and Petie Brooks being the common factor. They are getting ready to release their debut record entitled IF MORE PEOPLE BOUGHT ART MORE PEOPLE WOULD BUY ART. I played the second single off the disc. It’s called Takes Two.”

Keeping the tunes going here with something new from BLØSH. They are a mixed-gendered duo out of Oslo, Norway and Madrid, Spain and the blending of their individual music sensibilities really works for me. They have just released this new single Keep Your Tongue,” in anticipation of the arrival of their new EP of the same name. I reposted and favorited this song, which led to the band following me on SoundCloud now. I love that. The new EP is scheduled for release on May 11th. Obviously…I played the title track.

Then I had the second pre-release single from Trails and Ways. I played Say You Will and it is from the yet-to-be released, record label, full-length debut album entitled PATHOLOGY. I believe the official release date is set for June 2nd. What I love about this is that I’ve been playing Trails and Ways for close to three years and it gives me great pleasure to see them finally get signed (by Barsuk Records), which will give them the lift they deserve.

I will keep things moving here with something from Merchant. It’s basically a vehicle for Nate Merchant. He’s a Pop focused, Indie Electronica singer/songwriter from Portland, Oregon. He has just released a four-song, self-titled EP. I featured the lead off track…Loose Cannon Lover.”

Next came the latest from Diamond Youth. They are getting ready to release their debut LP, NOTHING MATTERS, on May 19th on TopShelf Records. They’ve released two singles already; Thought I Had It Right and No Control.” I featured a deeper cut, which was In The Clouds.”

Let me slip in one more from The Wooden Sky. They are a five-piece, Indie Rock band based in Toronto, Canada. They are readying to release their new album, LET’S BE READY, which is already available in Canada. I don’t have a release date yet for the U.S. I spun the pre-release single Saturday Night.

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