Music You Might Otherwise Miss 2-24-15

I’ve trying to get caught up. It’s been awful here in the Boston area with all the snow. People are getting frustrated from being snowbound. I try to stay optimistic and keep searching for new and fun music. Let me tell you about this week’s finds.

I began the show started with Star Tropics. Star Tropics are an unsigned, Indie Pop, mixed-gendered quartet out of Chicago, Illinois. (You know…I just don’t get enough material from Chicago anymore. I wonder why that is?) Anyway this foursome have been together for a couple of years and they have done some nice “boy/girl dream pop.” They’ve up-tempo-ed things a little bit with this new release. It’s a 7” single; SUMMER RAIN. The A-side, Summer Rain is also very nice but I got a tad more attached to the B-side. It’s called Swept Away.” I’ll have to do a Double Down with them for next week’s show.

I followed that with a tune from Lady Lamb the Beekeeper. Wow! What a neat song this is. The tune I played was Billions Of Eyes and it’s on her sophomore release entitled AFTER, which has a street date of March 3rd. Lady Lamb is really just the stage name of musician Aly Spaltro. I am really impressed with this young musician.

Changing musical direction with a band called Run Rabbit Run. They are a newly signed, mixed-gendered, Neo-Folk quintet based in Melbourne, Australia. They only have two singles to their name and they are already drawing comparisons to Mumford & Sons and Boy And Bear. Their latest single is called Wasted In The Sun and it’s already getting airplay in their homeland and now here in the United States. They are on the A & R Records in Australia. No word yet as to a release date or distribution here in the States. Let’s just say that I was their U.S. radio debut.

Then came a tune from Chappo. Chappo are four guys out of Brooklyn making some nicely layered “Psych-Rock” music. They released their debut album in 2012 and have been releasing a series of EPs and Singles. They are readying to release their next album, FUTURE FORMER SELF, next month. The tune I featured is the album’s lead off single, Hang On.”

Next up is something new from a band called Van de Rocker. Her full name is Adrienne Van De Rocker and she fronts the band. She does it all too. She sings; she writes; and she plays. She’s a triple threat. The band has been releasing a series, eight so far, since June of last year. They are readying to release their debut, full-length album, JUPITER’S KISS, later this year. The single I had for airplay was Kissing Booth.” New music from Van De Rocker here on MYMOM.

Then I got to play some new music from Surfer Blood. If you are not familiar with Surfer Blood, they are a four-piece, Alt Rock band out of West Palm Beach, Florida. Well…I used to think they were Alt. Rock band; however, I am noticing a push towards a Pop sensibility. On that track Dorian and on their previous release, “Gravity,” their music has taken more of a mainstream tack. Their latest addition to their discography, 1000 PALMS, will be officially released on May 12th.

My lineage feature was Mark Ronson. Mark Ronson is a British music producer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and a big-time collaborator. He’s worked with some great talent like Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse and Nikka Costa. While his debut album, HERE COMEs THE FUZZ, didn’t do commercially well; it got him noticed. Since that debut he’s released three more albums with the latest being UPTOWN SPECIAL, which just came out. The song I had for the lineage was Daffodils and it features Kevin Parker on vocals.

Part two of the lineage was fulfilled by “Valerie,” which was released back in 2007 on the album VERSION, which was his break out disc and features Amy Winehouse on vocals.

My re-issue release of the week was from Ben Folds Five. The album that has been re-released is their breakout album, FOREVER & EVER AMEN. It came out in 1997 and the song “Brick” was huge for them and, that tune, charted all the way up to 19 on the U.S. charts. For me, beyond the track Brick,” there was not a lot going on there. I happen to be more impressed with their debut, self-titled album. Check out their song Philosophy.” It’s fantastic. Anyway…for this feature; I went with the “hit.”

I then played a tune from Imaginary Future. Imaginary Future is essentially Jesse Epstein and his partner in life and in music, Kina Grannis. Usually, I like to research, read and synthesize my notes for this show; however, in this case, I thought the “Bio Section” of Imaginary Future’s website put it perfectly.

“Imaginary Future is singer-songwriter Jesse Epstein.  Here’s what happened. In August of 2013, Jesse married his high school sweetheart of eleven years, fellow musician Kina Grannis. Up until this point, he had written a bunch of sad, slow songs. But something changed. The wedding was the culmination of so many years, an exhilarating marker of happiness and progress.  In the months surrounding the occasion, Jesse reflected on how far he and Kina had come.  She had shaped him. She had changed him. She had pushed him to become a better person every day. He owed everything to her and he needed to express that.”

I just thought that was worth sharing. The track I aired was Forever On Your Side,” and it’s been released as a stand-alone single.

Next up is something new from Kathryn Calder. She’s an Indie Rocker originally from Victoria, Canada. It has been almost four years since Miss Calder’s last release. The new effort, entitled FILE UNDER: MUSIC, has a street date of April 14th. She has just released this dynamite single, Take A Little Time.” I am looking forward to checking out the rest of the collection.

Let me slip in one more from Movie. I first featured these guys in January with the track, “In Vain.” But just as a recap…Movie is three guys that currently live in South London. They are Theo Spark (vocals, guitar), Jamie Stiby Harris (vocals, keyboards, guitar), and Ollie Tobin on bass. This trio has released a series of singles over the last twelve months with the latest being this one…Misty Windowpane.”

Songs in BOLD are links to videos of that song. Songs that are ITALICIZED are links to Soundcloud Audio Files of said song.

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