Blog Notes for 10-21-14

This catches me up…whew! What a task. Let me fill you in to what I found for this week’s show.

I got things started with a tune from the Twerps. They are a four-piece, Indie Alt. Pop, mixed-gendered band out of Melbourne, Australia. They’ve been together for a little over four years. I found them originally because of a record label called Chapter Music. They still are affiliated with them; however, the Twerps got them a distribution deal here in the States with Merge Records, which is a wonder match for them. Merge released an introductory EP from The Twerps in August in anticipation of the full-length, sophomore release. The new collection will be titled RANGE ANXIETY and it will officially hit the streets in January of 2015. The track I had for show is the pre-release single…it’s called Back To You.” (I just read Twerps are going to be playing at next year’s SXSW)

The opening hour song set was closed off with a tune from Penguin Prison. Penguin Prison is really just singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist…Christopher Glover. That pure Pop tune was Calling Out,” which was just released last week and as a stand alone single. If you would like to catch this performer live; Penguin Prison happens to be coming to Boston tomorrow night at the Royale. He is opening for RAC. I’m sure it would be a fantastic show.

Changing musical direction with an artist by the name of Robbie Miller. He is a very new singer/songwriter from Brisbane, Australia. He officially started pursuing a career in music in 2013 when he won a unsigned singer/songwriter contest in his homeland, which landed him a spot performing at a Music Awards show and got him a spot on tour with another…more well known…Australian band. He’s still unsigned and his music is not really available outside of Australia and New Zealand, however, I got a hold of his new single and it is lovely and I wanted to share it with you. It’s called Sunday.”

The follow up song was the latest material from Good Morning. I mentioned the “latest material” from Good Morning but as far as I know it’s the only material. Good Morning is Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons; they are from Brisbane, Australia; and they are Solitaire recordings. And…I believe this is the only song they have released. It’s a nice one and it’s titled Don’t Come Home Today.” You can check it out on Solitaire’s SoundCloud page or on Solitaire’s BandCamp page…where you can name your own price to purchase it.

Next up is an up and coming independent artist from Adelaide, Australia. His name is Thom Lion and his band The Tamers. They produce a nice blend of Folk, Rock and Pop; layer it and then combine it with some clever phrasing. Thom’s band, The Tamers, is Jamie Wood on Bass and Wade Francis on the Drum Kit. They are readying to release this single, Fruition,” on November 7th. No word on it’s release here, however, you can download it for free and I’ve provided the link here housed in my website.

Moving on with more new music from Drug Cabin. Drug Cabin is Nathan Thelen (Pretty Girls Make Graves & Moonrats) and Marcus Congleton (Ambulance Ltd.); they are supported by Eugene Owens, Sheridan Riley and Frankie Palmer. The boys have just released their sophomore effort, via BandCamp, and it called YARD WORK. The track I sampled for airplay was California.”

My lineage subject was Katie Costello. Katie is a lovely singer/songwriter originally from Hermosa Beach, in California, but now makes her home in Brooklyn, New York. I first found her in 2011 with the release of her wonderful LAMPLIGHT album, which made it into my Top Ten for that year. Her music has been featured on television shows like ONE TREE HILL, 90210, and PRIVATE PRACTICE. Katie is now working on a new album and I just happen to have the pre-release single for you. It’s called New World.”

Katie’s follow up track to complete the lineage was Cassette Tape,” which can be found on their 2011 album; LAMPLIGHT.

My re-issue release of the week was from Siouxsie and the Banshees…and the album that’s been re-issued is SUPERSTITION, which originally came out in 1991. Siouxsie and the Banshees were an English rock band formed in London in 1976 by vocalist Siouxsie Sioux and bass guitarist Steven Severin. Initially associated with the English punk rock scene, the band evolved into a Post-Punk Pop band. Edgy…yet very accessible. Their career, as a band, lasted from 1978 to 1995. That is very impressive. The song I picked from the re-issued SUPERSTITION was Kiss Them For Me,” which climbed to number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100 music chart.

Completing that two-song set was the new single from the band Totally Mild. The song I aired, Take Today,” is just one of twenty-seven songs compiled for the special album release, 5 YEARS OF BEDROOM SUCK RECORDS. Bedroom Suck is a small Australian label located in Brisbane. I stumbled upon it over the weekend because of another band I follow, Terrible Truths, is also a contributor to the compilation. (I might play Terrible Truths track next week) Anyway…it’s a wonderful collection; it is available on U.S. i-Tunes and you can get the whole thing for just $9.99.

Keeping the tunes going here with a reprised tune from Leisure Suite. They are an unsigned, mixed-gendered, Electronic Pop trio out of Melbourne, Australia. They have released this single, Great Expectations,” back in May of this in anticipation of a new EP that is in the works. Well…the self-titled EP has dropped and I thought I’d play it again. This song has such a smooth feel to it. The young woman lead-singer, Bridget Le, croons beautifully.

Then came the latest from Future Of What. They are a mixed-gendered, quartet based in Brooklyn, NY. They just formed in 2012 and are fronted by the single-named singer, Blair. They self-released an EP, MOONSTRUCK, in March of this 2012. Well…after two years in the making, they are back with their debut, full-length album entitled PRO DREAMS, which will officially come out in January of 2015. The new track that I featured was No War Dance Floor and I am looking forward to checking out the rest of the CD when it gets released.

Next up is the new single from Vok. V-O-K with an umlaut over the “O”. They are a three-piece, mixed-gendered, electronica based band from Reykjavik, Iceland. They have released a series of singles this year (four of them) with the latest being called Before.” The new album, which includes all of those singles gets released this week and it’s titled TENSION.

Then I played new music from Brighter Later. Brighter Later is the musical vehicle for singer/songwriter, Jaye Kranz. She has just released this stand alone single, which is titled Brace.”

Let me slip in one more from The Henry Millers. The Henry Millers are fronted by John MacCallum and Kate Schecter and they make some Pop oriented, electronica based Rock. They have just released their second album of 2014 and it’s titled POSIES and I spun the title track.

Songs in BOLD are links to videos of that song. Songs that are ITALICIZED are links to Soundcloud Audio Files of said song.

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Blog Notes for 10-14-14

I’m on a roll now and almost up-to-date on my entries. It was another interesting week in new music. I found great new material from Australia, Wales, Scotland and, of course, the good ol’ US of A. Let me fill you in on what I uncovered.

I kicked off the show with a tune from Cheerleader. Cheerleader is a self-described “Indie, Haze-Pop quintet from Philadelphia. The two guys that are the force behind Cheerleader, Joe Haller and Chris Duran, got their start in Middle School in Hartford, Connecticut. You know the story…teenagers playing cover songs in their parent’s basement…it happens all over America. These young fellas felt the need to push it and take a shot at the brass ring. They packed up and moved to Philadelphia to pursue this dream. In 2012 they did a demo and posted it on SoundCloud and it got the ball rolling. The result now is a four-song EP entitled ON YOUR SIDE. The song I had to share with my listeners was Tomorrow Always Knows.”  (I also just read that Cheerleader will be attending next year’s SXSW)

Knocking off that two-song set of the opening hour of the show was a tune from Orphans Orphans. They are an updated Glam Rock five-piece from Brisbane, Australia. These five young lads all cut their teeth with other band before forming Orphans Orphans. And the result of this new collaborative effort is the release of their debut, five-song EP entitled WHAT’S A BOY S’POSED TO DO. The song I sampled on air had the sound of David Bowie combined with Lou Reed…it was Lighten Up Your Day.”

Changing musical direction with an artist by the name of Lola Demo. While doing background research for this morning’s show; I ran across this quote about Ms. Demo that caught my attention. “If Patti Smith, Lou Reed, and Joan Jett had one night of chemically induced sexual passion, the next mornings aftermath would be Lola Demo.” Lola Demo is the stage name for Erika Bach…a true musical do it yourselfer. She is keeping herself busy by releasing this song, Who’s Been Playing God,” which can be downloaded for free. So far this track has been released as a stand alone single.

That song was proceeded by the latest material from Lily & Madeleine. So…Lily & Madeleine are two sisters, 19 and 17 years of age. (God…that just kills me) I found them last year with the release of their five-song EP, THE WEIGHT OF THE GLOBE. They have done so well with that release and the touring that they are developing a solid fan base, which leads us here to their new album. It’s titled FUMES and it officially drops on October 28th. The track I aired was Rabbit.”

Next up is an up and coming independent artist from Sydney, Australia. Her name is Bertie Blackman. I first discovered Bertie in 2009 with the release of her album, SECRETS AND LIES. Unfortunately, Ms. Blackman hadn’t put out a great deal of music since that time…until now that is. She will be releasing her latest addition to her discography on October 31st, however, only in Australia. That is the same thing that happened with her previous release. It took about six months before it reached our shores. The new one is called THE DASH and the song I had for my live audience was War Of One.”

Then came some interesting new music from Mariachi El Bronx. Even thought their name refers to the Bronx, Mariachi El Bronx is really from Los Angeles and they are eight members strong. I’m going to read you something from their website, which I think describe who and what they are better than I could. Here it is, “Mariachi El Bronx first started as a diversion for members of the long-running punk band the Bronx. They put on charro outfits, replaced their electric guitars with trumpet, violin and other traditional instruments, and introduced their own take on Mexican folk music.” Their new album, 3, comes out November 4th and the song I spun was Wildfires.”

My lineage subject was Ex Cops. Ex Cops are Brooklyn based, mixed-gendered duo that have been garnering serious attention with the release of their debut record, TRUE HALLUCINATIONS. Well they are back with their sophomore release (No pressure there) and it’s called DAGGERS and it hits the digital streets on November 10th and the song I had for part one of this feature was White Noise.”

Part two of the feature was completed with the Ex Cops’ track You Are A Lion, I Am A Lamb,” which can be found on their 2012 debut album; TRUE HALLUCINATIONS.

My re-issue release of the week was from Lene Lovich. The album that has been re-released is FLEX; an expanded version of, which includes additional tracks not found on the original release. It is a combination re-issue. For those of you too young to know anything about Lene Lovich, she was part of the early New Wave music scene. She was also a big visual arts type artist, which at the time was perfect for MTV; back when they used to play music videos. Her first and biggest hit was Lucky Number.” On this expanded version of FLEX they have included my favorite track from Lovich…it’s called New Toy.” What makes this song doubly interesting, at least to me, is that this tune was written by a young artist by the name of Thomas Dolby, back when he was just sixteen and this was his first official band he was a part of.

Completing that two-song set was the new single from Tangerine. They are my favorite new band discovery. This mixed-gendered, indie Pop quartet out of Seattle, I believe, has got “IT.” They just released that single, You’ll Always Be Lonely,” yesterday and they were kind enough to send it to me so I could feature it in today’s show.

Keeping the tunes going here with an artist I found a little over a year ago. Her name is Emily Wolfe. Emily is an Indie Alt. Rocker slash singer/songwriter currently based in Austin, Texas. She seems to be one of those artists that innately know what she wants and has been pursing that in earnest. She wrote music for two EP’s in 2013…now one might think, “Why not just release one whole album instead of two EPs.” Well…Emily felt the material for each EP was so different from the other that she felt strongly that they needed to be two separate releases. Emily’s latest effort is another EP; it’s five-songs long and is titled ROULETTE. The track I played was Marionette.” You can get one of Emily’s new songs for free and I’ve provided that link for you, which is housed in this Blog.

Then there was the latest material from Eilidh (Ay-Lee) McKellar. The track I aired, Summer Daze,” has Eilidh sounding like a Blues focused Rocker from Edinburgh, Scotland. This twenty year-old is amazingly talented and she has just released her debut, full-length album entitled DELTA DEVIL DREAMS.

Next up is the new single from Tree Of Wolves. Tree Of Wolves, which a great name by the way, are an unsigned, mixed-gendered five-piece out of Carmarthen, Wales. They’ve only been together a little over a year but have received radio play on Radio 1, BBC 6 Music and BBC Radio Wales. (And now here on WMFO radio Boston). I first featured them back in June of this year with their track Half Light,” which they sent directly to me via my website. (Very cool) Well…they were kind enough to send me their follow up single too, which is Let The Night Take Me.” They even follow me on my SoundCloud page, which you should too. ;^)

Let me slip in one more from The Gromble are a five-piece indie-rock band hailing from California’s Laguna Niguel. Named after a character from a Nickelodeon show called Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. They have just released a dynamite debut self-titled EP. The song I showcased is the lead off track…it’s called Desole´Pt. II.”

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Blog Notes for 10-7-14

The fight goes on as I try to catch up on my Blog notes. It was a good week for locating new music. I don’t know if it’s because the field is flush with talent or I’m just getting better at filtering. Let me tell you about what I found this week.

I got the show started with a tune from Meiko. This talented singer/songwriter, originally from Roberta, Georgia but now resides in Los Angeles, is back with her third full-length album, DEAR YOU. It is due out on the 14th of October. I’ve had a chance to listen to the whole album and if you are a Meiko fan…you will like this release. It’s familiar and just different enough that she might pick up some new fans along the way. The selected single is Be Mine,” but since I had the whole disc to choose from I went with a deeper cut, which was Deep Sweat.”

Finishing off that two-song set of the opening hour of the New Release Show was a tune from BØRNS. This dynamite tune is called “10,000 Emerald Pools.” This guy is orginally from Michigan but now makes his some in Southern California and he is wicked talented. This song hit me right on the first listen. I like the genre-bending style he has put forth combining Pop, Electronica and some indie to come up with a unique sound. This is the only track I’ve been able to find from him but it’s a goodie.

Changing musical direction with an artist that blends folk, indie and a little pop but still maintains that singer/songwriter style. His name is Leo Stannard. This performer is still unsigned but I can’t imagine it staying that way for too much longer. He is readying to release…self-release that is…his new EP entitled NOTIONS. You can stream all his music via his SoundCloud page and it will be available for purchase on i-Tunes next week. The tune I chose for airplay was called Eliza.”

I followed that up with the latest material from The Harry Heart Chrysalis. The Harry Heart Chrysalis is essentially Harry Heart; a young and talented singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia. Well…that’s where he lives now. He is originally from the UK. This young fellow (he’s just Twenty-One) does it all. He writes, he sings and he is a multi-instrumentalist. He got his musical start on an unsigned music website run by an Australian radio station. He had a few songs listed there but with the release of this tune, Vex,” Harry is taking a big leap into the Pop music realm. (I like it)

Next up is an interestingly constructed tune by a band out of New Zealand. They are Minuit. It’s French for “midnight.” They are a mixed-gendered, Electronica-Pop trio. Basically they are two guys with synthesizers and a young woman on vocals. I ran across this song over the weekend. On first listen I didn’t quite get where the song was going but I let it continue on and then the construction made sense and it really grew on me. The track is Happy and it just comes out today so this may be the first airing of it in the United States. If you like it…the band just posted it for purchase on their BandCamp page. The song is reminiscent of Imogen Heap and/or Frou Frou.

Then came new music from Slow Turismo. Slow Turismo is a five-piece, Alt. Pop, Indie band out of Canberra, Australia. I featured their first single, Breathe,” a couple of months ago, to some fine reviews. Well…they are building on that success with the release of Thunderstorm,” which I aired for my show. Sadly…their music is not available here in the US, however, you can stream it via their SoundCloud page.

My lineage subject was Jim Noir. Jim’s real name is Allen Roberts. He’s from Morrissey’s hometown in Manchester, England. He has released four albums so far with the fifth addition to his discography, FINNISH LINE, spelled like the country not the end of a race demarcation, will be released on November the 3rd. Jim has a real sense of harmonies and a pop production quality reminiscent of the Beach Boys and the Pet Sounds record. The song I picked to start this feature is the pre-release single, which is The Broadway Jets.” It can be had for free via his website (Jim Noir dot com…it will cost you an email address)

Part two of the lineage was rounded out by Jim Noir’s How To Be So Real,” which can be found on his 2006 debut album; TOWER OF LOVE.

My re-issue release of the week was from Steely Dan. The album that has been re-released is PRETZEL LOGIC. I have to tell you that this is one of my favorite bands, which, you have to understand, is significant, because I don’t have many. I very rarely glom onto any band for more than two albums or they become too popular. Steely Dan was different for me. Each album was so different from the others. So…for me…it felt almost like a new band each time; except for the nasally vocals of Donald Fagan. That you could not miss. Anyway, PRETZEL LOGIC had some nice tunes on it from the cerebral Any Major Dude Will Tell You;” to the 12-bar blues inspired Title Track; to the blatantly Pop tune, Rikki Don’t Lose That Number,” which is what I played.

I followed that classic with the new single from Side Saddle. Side Saddle is really just the stage name for Ian McGuinness. I first discovered Side Saddle back in January of this year with the wonderful song, Reverie,” which then appeared on an EP called, THE POSTCARD. Well Ian is back with a full-length album, THE ASTORIAN. The tune I featured was Don’t Wait For Him.”

Keeping the tunes going here with an unsigned, London based, Alt Pop, quartet that I found through The Guardian’s online newspaper music reviewers section. They are called Flyte. I read the review back in January of this year. Since that time they have released two more singles with the latest being Light Me Up.” I just read on the band’s website that they are headlining their very first tour with sixteen shows scheduled so far. I’m sure with this single, and tour, they will be drawing serious attention from some record labels and I would imagine them getting signed in 2015. I should suggest them getting to SXSW. THAT!…would be the place to do it.

Then came the latest material from Ezra Vine. Ezra Vine has just released a new EP entitled CELESTE, which I believe came out in September. The title track, which is also the best-known song off the EP, was released earlier this year as a stand alone single, however, I went with a deeper cut, which was Braver Than Most.”

Next up is the new single from April Towers. They are an Electronica based Pop oriented duo out of Nottingham, England. They are so new that they only have this one single (and mind you…it’s a pretty good single), which comes out on October 27th. It’s called Arcadia.”

Let me slip in one more from the rocking outfit…Larkin Poe. They are a female fronted, Roots Rock band out of Atlanta, Georgia. Two sisters, Rebecca and Megan Lovell, are the driving force of the band. They are supported by Robby Handley on Bass guitar and Marlon Patton handling the drum kit. And speaking of supporting…they currently opening for Elvis Costello on his European tour. The ladies new album, KIN, drops on October 21st. The song I have for you is called Don’t.”

Songs in BOLD are links to videos of that song. Songs that are ITALICIZED are links to Soundcloud Audio Files of said song.

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Blog Notes for 9-30-14

My WordPress issue has been finally fixed so I am trying to catch up on my Blog/Show entries. Let me fill you in.

I started the show started with a tune from Beach Youth. One would think this might be a West Coast surf band, however, this Indie Pop hails from Normandy, France. They do have a surf guitar feel to them. These four young lads from the land of Gaul have just released this single, Days.” It does make you think of Summer when you hear it.

Closing off that two-song set with a tune from Lisbon. They are a four-piece, Alt. Pop band out of Newcastle, England. I first featured these guys back in January with a dynamite single, Blue Love.” Well…they are back with another single just released yesterday (9-29-14) and this one is called Rio.”

Changing musical direction with a duo that spends time in the “groove” section. They are Andras & Oscar. The pair is Andras Fox and Oscar Key Sung. Fox handles the beats and Sung does the singing. The song I had for you the program, Looking Back,” is the first single off their sophomore release; CAFÉ ROMANTICA. The album is due out in Australia and New Zealand in October, which is tomorrow. (October…that is).

Then came the latest material from All We Are. The band, All We Are, is a mixed gendered, Indie Alt. Pop trio out of Liverpool. Actually, the band refers to their sound on that track I aired, which was I Wear You; as “psychedelic boogie.” Their self-titled album, which I believe is set for release in January of 2015.

Next up is some really up-tempo, Jazz-based Pop from Nikki Yanofsky. This young and talented singer/songwriter hails from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This amazing youthful woman is only twenty years old and has already released three albums. Granted one was a cover of Ella Fitzgerald tunes. However she has since released two proper albums of mostly original material. On her latest effort, LITTLE SECRET, which is out in Canada already but drops here in the States next Tuesday…is a collaborative effort. Nikki gets help from Quincy Jones and Herbie Hancock on this track…Something New.

Then I played new music from Bryan Ferry. Bryan Ferry, Mr. Cool, is back with a new album. The new disc is AVONMORE and it’s set for release on November 17th.   I tell you…this guy always sounds smooth. All the way back to his days with Roxy Music. He just has that sophisticated style to him. Anywho…the new tune, Loop De Li,” is the album’s pre-release single.

My lineage feature was High-Tails. High-Tails are an unsigned, “guitar popster,” foursome out of Sydney, Australia. When I first found them they only had two singles to their name; both of which they have self-released. I found them while perusing an Australian site for unsigned artist and I have to tell you…I hit the jackpot. They also seem to have their game together. Even though they only had two singles; they were out there promoting, touring and had the songs available for purchase via i-Tunes. The boys are back with a new song and an EP, which will be titled SIPPING TEA TO MAKE MUSIC TO SIP TEA BY. I don’t have a release date or the song listing other than this new song is going to be on it, which is called Terrible Day.”

The follow up song for the lineage by High-Tails was Bending Over Backwards,” which came out as a single earlier this year and will be included on the new EP.

My re-issue release of the week was from George Harrison. The album that has been re-released was ALL THINGS MUST PASS. It was his first truly solo album after the Beatles broke up. A great deal of the material used on this album was songs that were unused from the late Beatles days. Phil Spector also helped produce this classic release. It had hits on it like the title track, My Sweet Lord and this one, which I chose for airplay…What Is Life.”

Completing that two-song set with the new single from The History of Apple Pie, which is an awesome name for a band. The History of Apple Pie is a mixed-gendered, five-piece, Alt. Pop band out of London. They’ve been a band for about three years. Their debut album, OUT OF VIEW, came out last year receiving some good press. The force behind the band is Stephanie Min and Jerome Watson. Miss Min on vocals and Watson on guitar. They are supported by James Thomas (drums) Aslam Ghauri (guitar) and Joanna Curwood (bass). The sophomore release, FEEL SOMETHING, came out the 29th of September. Earlier this Summer I played Tame,” which is the official single and other radio stations have started playing that now…so I thought I’d give you a taste of something deeper from the album. The track I aired was Don’t You Wanna Be Mine.” I have to tell you that this is a wonderful album and has made my preliminary Top Ten for 2104.

Keeping the tunes going here with The Popguns. This marks the return of famous British band that released their first single, “Landslide,” all the way back in 1989. They putting the final touches on their latest album, POP FICTION, which is the first release from them in eighteen years. To spark some interest their label, Matinee Records, has just released a 7” single Lovejunky. It also includes two exclusive B-sides. The full album should be released later this year.

Then there was the latest material from And. And is the stage name for Dave Rennick. Dave Rennick is the former frontman for Dappled Cities. He released a single, “Boys,” earlier this year. What I sampled on air was his latest single…U Know Me.”

Next up is the new single from Lisa Mitchell. Lisa Mitchell is quite young…she’s twenty-four years old but has had a good deal of success in her homeland of Australia. It’s been two years since her last full-length album and now she’s back with a new single, Wah Ha.” It can be had for free if you log on to her website…well it will cost you an email address. The album, which I don’t have the name of yet, will be coming out in early 2015.

Let me slip in one more from Yellerkin. They are a Pop Electronica duo out of New York. The two young fellas making all the sounds are Adrian Galvin and Luca Buccellati. They just released this single, Tools,” last week.

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