Blog Notes for 9-30-14

My WordPress issue has been finally fixed so I am trying to catch up on my Blog/Show entries. Let me fill you in.

I started the show started with a tune from Beach Youth. One would think this might be a West Coast surf band, however, this Indie Pop hails from Normandy, France. They do have a surf guitar feel to them. These four young lads from the land of Gaul have just released this single, Days.” It does make you think of Summer when you hear it.

Closing off that two-song set with a tune from Lisbon. They are a four-piece, Alt. Pop band out of Newcastle, England. I first featured these guys back in January with a dynamite single, Blue Love.” Well…they are back with another single just released yesterday (9-29-14) and this one is called Rio.”

Changing musical direction with a duo that spends time in the “groove” section. They are Andras & Oscar. The pair is Andras Fox and Oscar Key Sung. Fox handles the beats and Sung does the singing. The song I had for you the program, Looking Back,” is the first single off their sophomore release; CAFÉ ROMANTICA. The album is due out in Australia and New Zealand in October, which is tomorrow. (October…that is).

Then came the latest material from All We Are. The band, All We Are, is a mixed gendered, Indie Alt. Pop trio out of Liverpool. Actually, the band refers to their sound on that track I aired, which was I Wear You; as “psychedelic boogie.” Their self-titled album, which I believe is set for release in January of 2015.

Next up is some really up-tempo, Jazz-based Pop from Nikki Yanofsky. This young and talented singer/songwriter hails from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This amazing youthful woman is only twenty years old and has already released three albums. Granted one was a cover of Ella Fitzgerald tunes. However she has since released two proper albums of mostly original material. On her latest effort, LITTLE SECRET, which is out in Canada already but drops here in the States next Tuesday…is a collaborative effort. Nikki gets help from Quincy Jones and Herbie Hancock on this track…Something New.

Then I played new music from Bryan Ferry. Bryan Ferry, Mr. Cool, is back with a new album. The new disc is AVONMORE and it’s set for release on November 17th.   I tell you…this guy always sounds smooth. All the way back to his days with Roxy Music. He just has that sophisticated style to him. Anywho…the new tune, Loop De Li,” is the album’s pre-release single.

My lineage feature was High-Tails. High-Tails are an unsigned, “guitar popster,” foursome out of Sydney, Australia. When I first found them they only had two singles to their name; both of which they have self-released. I found them while perusing an Australian site for unsigned artist and I have to tell you…I hit the jackpot. They also seem to have their game together. Even though they only had two singles; they were out there promoting, touring and had the songs available for purchase via i-Tunes. The boys are back with a new song and an EP, which will be titled SIPPING TEA TO MAKE MUSIC TO SIP TEA BY. I don’t have a release date or the song listing other than this new song is going to be on it, which is called Terrible Day.”

The follow up song for the lineage by High-Tails was Bending Over Backwards,” which came out as a single earlier this year and will be included on the new EP.

My re-issue release of the week was from George Harrison. The album that has been re-released was ALL THINGS MUST PASS. It was his first truly solo album after the Beatles broke up. A great deal of the material used on this album was songs that were unused from the late Beatles days. Phil Spector also helped produce this classic release. It had hits on it like the title track, My Sweet Lord and this one, which I chose for airplay…What Is Life.”

Completing that two-song set with the new single from The History of Apple Pie, which is an awesome name for a band. The History of Apple Pie is a mixed-gendered, five-piece, Alt. Pop band out of London. They’ve been a band for about three years. Their debut album, OUT OF VIEW, came out last year receiving some good press. The force behind the band is Stephanie Min and Jerome Watson. Miss Min on vocals and Watson on guitar. They are supported by James Thomas (drums) Aslam Ghauri (guitar) and Joanna Curwood (bass). The sophomore release, FEEL SOMETHING, came out the 29th of September. Earlier this Summer I played Tame,” which is the official single and other radio stations have started playing that now…so I thought I’d give you a taste of something deeper from the album. The track I aired was Don’t You Wanna Be Mine.” I have to tell you that this is a wonderful album and has made my preliminary Top Ten for 2104.

Keeping the tunes going here with The Popguns. This marks the return of famous British band that released their first single, “Landslide,” all the way back in 1989. They putting the final touches on their latest album, POP FICTION, which is the first release from them in eighteen years. To spark some interest their label, Matinee Records, has just released a 7” single Lovejunky. It also includes two exclusive B-sides. The full album should be released later this year.

Then there was the latest material from And. And is the stage name for Dave Rennick. Dave Rennick is the former frontman for Dappled Cities. He released a single, “Boys,” earlier this year. What I sampled on air was his latest single…U Know Me.”

Next up is the new single from Lisa Mitchell. Lisa Mitchell is quite young…she’s twenty-four years old but has had a good deal of success in her homeland of Australia. It’s been two years since her last full-length album and now she’s back with a new single, Wah Ha.” It can be had for free if you log on to her website…well it will cost you an email address. The album, which I don’t have the name of yet, will be coming out in early 2015.

Let me slip in one more from Yellerkin. They are a Pop Electronica duo out of New York. The two young fellas making all the sounds are Adrian Galvin and Luca Buccellati. They just released this single, Tools,” last week.

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