Blog Notes for 10-7-14

The fight goes on as I try to catch up on my Blog notes. It was a good week for locating new music. I don’t know if it’s because the field is flush with talent or I’m just getting better at filtering. Let me tell you about what I found this week.

I got the show started with a tune from Meiko. This talented singer/songwriter, originally from Roberta, Georgia but now resides in Los Angeles, is back with her third full-length album, DEAR YOU. It is due out on the 14th of October. I’ve had a chance to listen to the whole album and if you are a Meiko fan…you will like this release. It’s familiar and just different enough that she might pick up some new fans along the way. The selected single is Be Mine,” but since I had the whole disc to choose from I went with a deeper cut, which was Deep Sweat.”

Finishing off that two-song set of the opening hour of the New Release Show was a tune from BØRNS. This dynamite tune is called “10,000 Emerald Pools.” This guy is orginally from Michigan but now makes his some in Southern California and he is wicked talented. This song hit me right on the first listen. I like the genre-bending style he has put forth combining Pop, Electronica and some indie to come up with a unique sound. This is the only track I’ve been able to find from him but it’s a goodie.

Changing musical direction with an artist that blends folk, indie and a little pop but still maintains that singer/songwriter style. His name is Leo Stannard. This performer is still unsigned but I can’t imagine it staying that way for too much longer. He is readying to release…self-release that is…his new EP entitled NOTIONS. You can stream all his music via his SoundCloud page and it will be available for purchase on i-Tunes next week. The tune I chose for airplay was called Eliza.”

I followed that up with the latest material from The Harry Heart Chrysalis. The Harry Heart Chrysalis is essentially Harry Heart; a young and talented singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia. Well…that’s where he lives now. He is originally from the UK. This young fellow (he’s just Twenty-One) does it all. He writes, he sings and he is a multi-instrumentalist. He got his musical start on an unsigned music website run by an Australian radio station. He had a few songs listed there but with the release of this tune, Vex,” Harry is taking a big leap into the Pop music realm. (I like it)

Next up is an interestingly constructed tune by a band out of New Zealand. They are Minuit. It’s French for “midnight.” They are a mixed-gendered, Electronica-Pop trio. Basically they are two guys with synthesizers and a young woman on vocals. I ran across this song over the weekend. On first listen I didn’t quite get where the song was going but I let it continue on and then the construction made sense and it really grew on me. The track is Happy and it just comes out today so this may be the first airing of it in the United States. If you like it…the band just posted it for purchase on their BandCamp page. The song is reminiscent of Imogen Heap and/or Frou Frou.

Then came new music from Slow Turismo. Slow Turismo is a five-piece, Alt. Pop, Indie band out of Canberra, Australia. I featured their first single, Breathe,” a couple of months ago, to some fine reviews. Well…they are building on that success with the release of Thunderstorm,” which I aired for my show. Sadly…their music is not available here in the US, however, you can stream it via their SoundCloud page.

My lineage subject was Jim Noir. Jim’s real name is Allen Roberts. He’s from Morrissey’s hometown in Manchester, England. He has released four albums so far with the fifth addition to his discography, FINNISH LINE, spelled like the country not the end of a race demarcation, will be released on November the 3rd. Jim has a real sense of harmonies and a pop production quality reminiscent of the Beach Boys and the Pet Sounds record. The song I picked to start this feature is the pre-release single, which is The Broadway Jets.” It can be had for free via his website (Jim Noir dot com…it will cost you an email address)

Part two of the lineage was rounded out by Jim Noir’s How To Be So Real,” which can be found on his 2006 debut album; TOWER OF LOVE.

My re-issue release of the week was from Steely Dan. The album that has been re-released is PRETZEL LOGIC. I have to tell you that this is one of my favorite bands, which, you have to understand, is significant, because I don’t have many. I very rarely glom onto any band for more than two albums or they become too popular. Steely Dan was different for me. Each album was so different from the others. So…for me…it felt almost like a new band each time; except for the nasally vocals of Donald Fagan. That you could not miss. Anyway, PRETZEL LOGIC had some nice tunes on it from the cerebral Any Major Dude Will Tell You;” to the 12-bar blues inspired Title Track; to the blatantly Pop tune, Rikki Don’t Lose That Number,” which is what I played.

I followed that classic with the new single from Side Saddle. Side Saddle is really just the stage name for Ian McGuinness. I first discovered Side Saddle back in January of this year with the wonderful song, Reverie,” which then appeared on an EP called, THE POSTCARD. Well Ian is back with a full-length album, THE ASTORIAN. The tune I featured was Don’t Wait For Him.”

Keeping the tunes going here with an unsigned, London based, Alt Pop, quartet that I found through The Guardian’s online newspaper music reviewers section. They are called Flyte. I read the review back in January of this year. Since that time they have released two more singles with the latest being Light Me Up.” I just read on the band’s website that they are headlining their very first tour with sixteen shows scheduled so far. I’m sure with this single, and tour, they will be drawing serious attention from some record labels and I would imagine them getting signed in 2015. I should suggest them getting to SXSW. THAT!…would be the place to do it.

Then came the latest material from Ezra Vine. Ezra Vine has just released a new EP entitled CELESTE, which I believe came out in September. The title track, which is also the best-known song off the EP, was released earlier this year as a stand alone single, however, I went with a deeper cut, which was Braver Than Most.”

Next up is the new single from April Towers. They are an Electronica based Pop oriented duo out of Nottingham, England. They are so new that they only have this one single (and mind you…it’s a pretty good single), which comes out on October 27th. It’s called Arcadia.”

Let me slip in one more from the rocking outfit…Larkin Poe. They are a female fronted, Roots Rock band out of Atlanta, Georgia. Two sisters, Rebecca and Megan Lovell, are the driving force of the band. They are supported by Robby Handley on Bass guitar and Marlon Patton handling the drum kit. And speaking of supporting…they currently opening for Elvis Costello on his European tour. The ladies new album, KIN, drops on October 21st. The song I have for you is called Don’t.”

Songs in BOLD are links to videos of that song. Songs that are ITALICIZED are links to Soundcloud Audio Files of said song.

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