New Release Show Playlist 9-29-15

Spritzer – “Melt” – DON’T DIE – 7″

The Marlenes – “Cakewalk” – JUMPIN CLIFFS

Young Rival – “Interior Light” – INTERIOR LIGHT

I Know Leopard – “Another Life” – ANOTHER LIFE – Ep

Postblue – “Glow Like Crazy” – GLOW LIKE CRAZY – Single

Los Lobos – “Make To Break Your Heart” – GATES OF GOLD

Saintseneca – “River” – SUCH THINGS

Saintseneca – “Happy Alone” – DARK ARC*

The Psychedelic Furs – “Heartbreak Beat” – MIDNIGHT TO MIDNIGHT**

Hockey Dad – “Girl With Two Hearts” – GIRL WITH TWO HEARTS – Single

Rubblebucket – “Donna” – DONNA – Single

Jr Jr – “In The Middle” – JR JR

Alpaca Sports – “Just Like Them” – WHEN YOU NEED ME THE MOST – Ep



**Re-Issue Song Of The Week

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Blog Notes 9-22-15

Yes…I am still in the Jury Pool Room. I am making some serious progress though with my Blog with no distractions. It’s September so things are heating up with lots of new music. Not all of it is good. More doesn’t always mean better. That’s why I do what I do.

I kicked off the show with a band called Bronze Radio Return, which is a great name for a band. Anyway…Bronze Radio Return is six gents from Hartford, Connecticut that craft some nice Indie Roots Rock. This sextet has been together now almost eight years with three full-length albums and now two EP’s to their name. The latest EP is titled LIGHT ME UP but it is not officially released yet. This unsigned New England band just scored a distribution deal with DigSin, which will give them a little more marketing exposure. The song I featured is the title track to the EP and the pre-release single.

I followed that with new stuff from Gypsy & The Cat. Not too many people in the States know a great deal about this duo from Melbourne, Australia. I found them back in 2010; with another track inserted into light rotation in 2011. They popped back onto my radar earlier this year with the single, Lost Control,” and then again in May with the release of Can’t Stop Me Now.” I said at the time that I felt another album must be in the works and lo and behold there is. The new album is HEARTS A GUN but it’s not out in the US yet. I sampled the title track for airplay.

Changing musical direction with an unsigned band called Moses Gunn Collective. They are a four-piece, Neo-Psych, Rock band with a tad of Soul thrown in. The boys are from Brisbane, Australia and they have just released their debut, full-length album and it’s titled MERCY MOUNTAIN. The track I’ve selected to share was Shalala.”

Then came the latest material from Martin Courtney. Martin Courtney is the frontman for the band Real Estate. This is his first stab at a solo effort, however, I can say it is not a huge departure if style, which isn’t a bad thing. If you like Real Estate…you will like this album. Oh…the new album, out October 30th, is called MANY MOONS and I played Vestiges.”

Next up is a Lo-fi, Indie, Garage Pop quartet out of Liverpool, England. They call themselves the Hootan Tennis Club. I don’t have a great deal of information on these four boys other than that they’re from Liverpool and have three songs to their names. But on the strength of those three songs they worked a deal with Heavenly Recordings; also in the U.K. The first tune from Hootan Tennis Club to be promoted by Heavenly Recordings is titled Jasper.”

I closed off that two-song set with the latest material from Youthless. Youthless is a duo, Sebastiano Ferranti and Alex Klimovitsky; a New Yorker and a Londoner that are currently based in Lisbon. (I know…I know…that is confusing) The pair is putting the finishing touches on their new, upcoming, full-length album, THIS GLORIOUS AGE, which is due out later this year. In the meantime, this twosome has released this single, Golden Spoon to whet your appetite. Note: It gets a little rough towards the end of the song.

My lineage subject was Jill Andrews. I first found the solo artist Jill Andrews in 2011, however, Ms. Andrews has been in the music industry for a while. My original exposure into Jill’s work back in 2007 when she and Sam Quinn were the duo behind the band Everybodyfields, which also featured a young Megan McCormick, on the Lap Steel Guitar and background vocals. (She’s a terrifically talented artist) So…Jill is back with a brand new release and it’s called THE WAR INSIDE. The new album hits the streets on the 25th of September. The song I picked, Get Up, Get On“, is the disc’s lead off track.

I finished up the lineage with Jill Andrews from her album THE MIRROR with Blue Sky.” That record originally came out in 2011.

My re-issue release of the week was from New Order. The album that has been re-issued is SINGLES. So this is kind of like a re-issue of a compilation of re-issues. (Hey…however I can make it work I say!) So the “Best Of” compilation is thirty-two songs long. It’s has extended mixes, remixes and some classics like Regret,” Perfect Kiss and the one I selected, Bizarre Love Triangle,” which originally came out in 1986 on the BROTHERHOOD L.P.

The re-issue was followed up by a new song from Duran Duran. (I have to say that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play New Order b/w Duran Duran. It had such an Eighties vibe to it). Anyway…Duran Duran is back with a new album…PAPER GODS. I have to give these guys credit. They don’t try to recreate the past on this new album; however, they are working their skills into a modern market. On that song, Pressure Off,” they receive help from Janelle Monaé and Nile Rodgers. It’s not my cup of tea, however, I thought it was a decent new release and worth sharing.

Keeping the tunes going here is something new from Circa Waves. Circa Waves is an Alt. Pop band out of Liverpool, England and I’ve featured them before on the New Release Show back in 2014 with their debut releaseStuck In My Teeth.” The boys self-released their debut EP, T-SHIRT WEATHER, earlier this year but they got a distribution deal with Virgin EMI records and they are available here in the States. Well…Virgin EMI are back at it again with the release of Circa Waves debut, full-length album; YOUNG CHASERS. The new LP recycles several of their older tracks, including “Stuck In My Teeth” and they crafted some new ones for the album, which turns it into a solid release. The song I have for you was released earlier and it’s T-Shirt Weather.”

Next came the new single from The Radio Dept. They are a Dream/Indie Pop quartet out of Lund, Sweden. They’ve been together since 1995 after two high school friends, Johan Duncanson and Elin Almered, began playing together. Almered left the band in 1996 and put the band on hold. Duncanson revived Radio Dept. in 1998 when he met up with Martin Larsson and they’ve gone on steady ever since. Under their leadership the group has released two studio albums; numerous EPs and several singles with the latest being This Repeated Sodomy.”

Let me slip in one more from Modern Space. They are a five-piece, Indie, Alt. Rock band out of Newmarket, Ontario, Canada and they are also signed to Warner Canada. Unfortunately their music isn’t available yet here in the U.S., which I imagine can’t be long in coming. Their record label, debut, full-length album is titled BEFORE SUNRISE and I spun the selected single…Pen To Paper.

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Blog Notes for 9-17-15

Still sitting in the jury pool room. One upside: I got Wi-Fi. Nice! I’m not feeling particularly articulate today so I’m just going to jump right in to this week’s discoveries.

I began the show with Seapony. They are a wonderful indie-Pop trio that is currently based in Seattle, Washington. The band members are songwriter Danny Rowland, singer Jen Weidl, and bass player Ian Brewer. Danny and Ian grew up and played music together in Oklahoma. Danny moved with Ian to Washington to work on their craft. And as fate would have it; Danny suffered from bad travel karma, missed a flight out of Ohio, lived there for four years; but met Jen and fell in love. The couple decided to move West, hook up with Ian and now we have Seapony. I first found them in 2011 with their debut release GO WITH ME. They’ve been quiet over the past few years so I was quite excited to see that they have just released a new album, which is called A VISION. The tune I picked was Let Go.”

I completed that two-song set of the opening hour with a new stuff from Terrible Truths. They are a mix-gendered trio from Melbourne & Brisbane, Australia but now make Adelaide their home. I found them because their new record label, Mexican Summer (who also handles Best Coast), sent me an email about their up and coming artists. That was back in 2012 and since that time Terrible Truths has switched labels. They are now on Bedroom Suck Records and they are trying to get started again with their self-titled, debut album. The album includes their older material, which I’ve played here before; along with new songs…like the one I aired…See Straight.”

Changing musical direction with a with a band making their second appearance here on the New Release Show. They are Rehearsed Living. I found them because they now follow me on SoundCloud. (By now you’re probably tired of hearing that…but I have to tell you…it still amazes the crap out of me that a band from Sheffield, England finds a radio programmer and on-air host in Boston) Anyway…this trio has just released this single, Memorised,” and they’ve made it available for a free download.

I paired that slower selection with something new from TIO. TIO is a band from Toronto, Canada. They contacted me directly through my website and sent me a link to their new song, Through The Heavy Clouds. I don’t have a great deal of information on the band themselves other than that song can be had for free and that they are getting ready to release their debut EP, which I believe is set to come out in October.

Next up is a wonderful six-piece Blues/R&B band called Lara & The Bluz Dawgs. Lara Germony and her husband, Greg, front the band, which is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. They have just released their second album, which is titled HOWLIN’. I had a couple of choices off the disc to play for you and I ended up with track number six…Don’t Mess With My Baby.”

Then I aired the latest material from Ben Folds. Ben Folds is back with an interesting new album called…SO THERE. The album is eight chamber rock songs with his Music plus his Concerto for Piano and Orchestra with the Nashville Symphony conducted by Giancarlo Guerrero. The song I picked to play for air was Capable Of Anything.”

My lineage subject was Patty Griffin. Patty Griffin is a singer/songwriter and musician originally from Old Towne, Maine. She released her first album in 1996 and has been selectively recording and touring ever since. She has worked with Buddy Miller, the Dixie Chicks and Robert Plant. I am happy to announce that Ms. Griffin is getting to release a new album, SERVANT OF LOVE, on September 25th. It has a good bit of the old Patty Griffin in this collection plus a couple tunes with a little twang to it. The song I picked was There Isn’t One Way.”

Part two of the lineage was fulfilled with Patty Griffins’ Mad Mission,” which appeared on her debut album LIVING WITH GHOSTS and was released in 1996.

My re-issue release of the week was from The Allman Brothers. The album that has been re-released is really a bulk album compilation called FIVE CLASSIC ALBUMS. This is part of Universal Music’s Classic Albums series, this box set from blues-rock legends the Allman Brothers Band features five complete studio albums, including Allman Brothers Band (1969), Idlewild South (1970), At Fillmore East (1971), Brothers & Sisters (1971), plus Gregg Allman’s debut solo outing Laid Back (1973). Obviously, I had a HUGE selection of songs from which to pick so it was a tough decision. I ended up with Wasted Words,” which originally appeared on the BROTHERS AND SISTERS release.

Next up was a clever, new piece from Giorgio Tuma. You know sometimes when you’re not looking for something…you find it. I was bouncing around several music sites this weekend and I follow a stream of consciousness and it led me to this Italian songwriter and musician. I was looking for some background on Mr. Tuma and I found an article from the UK’s THE GUARDIAN from 2011, which I think is amazing that this periodical had noticed this artist four years ago. Anyway…I lifted this quote from the article. “Giorgio Tuma, an Italian boy whose first love was the Clash, admits he had his head turned by Stereolab as a teen, after which he worked backwards: to Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto.” After reading this and then listening again to this track, My Lively Youth,” I totally get that reference. Oh…BTW…Giorgio was helped out by Malik Moore on that track. Tuma is putting the finishing touches on a new album, which will come out in October. However, the new disc will not include this track, which I think is a mistake.

Keeping the tunes going here with really new stuff from a band called Bears With Guns, which I think is a fabulous name for a rock band. They are a five-piece, Alt. Rock band currently based in Sydney, Australia. They have just released this single, The Deep End.” The band had the track produced by Al Clay. Clay has worked with Blur, Pink and The Pixies. They are all currently in studio working on more songs to put together their debut album to be released before the end of the year.

Following that tune was the latest from Hunck. They are an unsigned, five-piece, Indie band based in North London. These young lads are just starting out and getting a fix on their sound. I think they found it on their latest single, I’ll Wait,” which has a street date of October 16th.

Next up is the frenetic, Post Punk Pop sound of Knife Pleats. They are a four-piece, mixed gendered rockers out of Vancouver, British Columbia. They are getting ready to release their debut, full-length album, HAT BARK BEACH, on September 29th. I was able to get my hands on two tracks from the upcoming CD. One was Terrible (that’s the name of the track) and the other was One Step Too Far.” I really liked both but I went with the latter. I really want to check out the rest of the collection.

Let me slip in one more from Sweet Spirit. They are a mixed-gendered, nine member strong collective from Austin, Texas. In late 2014 the band signed up with Nine Mile Records and released their self-titled, debut EP. This prolific bunch has put the finishing touches on their debut, full-length album, COKOMO, which is due out October 16th. The song I have to share is the album’s lead off single…Baby When I Close My Eyes.

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Blog Notes for 9-8-15

I’ve been a tad behind on my Blog but I got called for jury duty so I am hoping that I can use this time to get caught up on my writing. Let’s my tell you about this week’s findings.

I got the show started with a tune from Welsh collective…Joanna Gruesome. This six-piece is from Cardiff, Wales and they often get described at a “Noise Pop” band. They were originally a five-piece fronted by Alanna McArdle. Ms. McArdle reported via FaceBook that she was leaving the band for personal reasons. Also…earlier this year they released their sophomore effort, PEANUT BUTTER. The band picked up two new singers and went out on tour to support the new disc. What I picked to kick off the music this show was the album’s second single off the new disc. It’s called I Don’t Want To Relax.” )BTW…I cut the first ten seconds off the song for air.  I felt it didn’t add anything to the song.)

I paired the previous song with a brand new tune from Kathryn Calder. She’s an Indie Rocker originally from Victoria, Canada and also part of the Canadian supergroup…The New Pornographers. That collective includes artists like Neko Case and AC Newman. It had been four years since Kathryn released any new music but in 2015 she released an album (self-titled) and now she has just released this single…New Millennium.

Changing musical direction with a singer/songwriter/band I just ran across this weekend (9-6-15). Their name is Youngsmith, which is fronted by Dan Smith and they are based in Brisbane, Australia. I found them through A&R records’ SoundCloud page. Smith’s writing reflects his appreciation to Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam with a little Coldplay thrown in. Their new single, Wither,” comes out on the 18th of September.

Then came the latest material from Fictonian. I believe Fictonian is really just a stage name for this singer/songwriter, however, I wasn’t able to procure his actual name. (What is with all these enigmatic artists these days?) Anyway…I first found him in January 2015 with the lovely tune Double Negative.” Then in May, Fictonian released another single, Make It Be Ours.” He’s finally put together a full-length album, DESIRE LINES, which comes out November 13th. The song I spun, Little Blue Book,” was the latest single from the upcoming album. All three songs are housed on the new disc.

Next up is a wonderful band that got to me via Blind Pig Records. They are Andy T – Nick Nixon Band. They just released their third album (their first for Blind Pig) and I was totally blown away with how good this is. They make The Blues very accessible and there is something for everyone. There’s some traditional Blues; Blues mixed with Cajun; and Blues mixed with R&B. The album is titled NUMBERS MAN and the song I picked (and I had a tough time picking just one) was track number three…Deep Blue Sea.”

I followed that up with the latest material from Destroyer. Destroyer is actually Daniel Bejar and he is from Vancouver, British Columbia. He also has been loosely affiliated with the New Pornographers. (That’s the second New Pornographers reference in today’s show) I know the name Destroyer connotes something harder but you could tell from this song, Times Square,” the musical style doesn’t match the name. The new album, POISON SEASON, just came out last week and it is a terrific effort. It is his ninth recording with Merge Records and his tenth album overall. (And that doesn’t include any time with the New Pornographers)

My lineage feature was Alex Winston. Miss Winston is a classically trained opera singer with a gifted musical mind. She taught herself how to play the piano and the guitar. And naturally she began to write her own music. I found her in 2011 when she signed with Island Records and released the EP…SISTER WIFE. Flash-forward to today with the release of her three song EP…THE DAY I DIED. The song I picked for this feature was Dead End.”

Part two of the lineage was satisfied by the tune Choice Notes,” which appears on Ms. Winston’s 2011 EP…SISTER WIFE.

My re-issue release of the week was from The Bangles. The album that has been re-released is their GREATEST HITS. (At least one of them…there are a couple). They hit the scene big time in 1984 with the release of their debut album, ALL OVER THE PLACE. (On a side note: back in 1984 I got to see the Bangle live back before they broke into mainstream radio and MTV. They were opening for a band called The Motels. Do you remember them?). The follow up album, DIFFERENT LIGHT, also did well commercially. On that album most of the “hits” were covers. Prince’s Manic Monday;” Big Star’s September Gurls;” and Jules Shear’s If She Knew What She Wants.” Even the quirky “Walk Like An Egyptian,” was written by Liam Sternberg back in the early Eighties. And speaking of Walk Like An Egyptian,” that’s what I had for air.

I closed off that two-song set with the latest effort from Yung. The band, Yung, is named after its frontman Yung Shord. The band is an Indie, Alt. Rock quartet out of Aarhus, Denmark. They are getting ready to release their second EP in 2015. The new disc is THESE THOUGHTS ARE LIKE MANADATORY CHORES. The EP has a street date of September 18th. The lead off single, Blue Uniforms,” is an epic indie rocker clocking in at over six minutes; however, I was able to grab an unreleased cut. This track was called God.”

Keeping the tunes going here with a neat tune from Max Frost. He’s a Synth, Alt. Rocker out of Austin, Texas. I have a brand new single from him, which is called Withdrawal,” and what I glean off his Facebook page is that the new album, out on Atlantic Records, will be called INTOXICATION and it is set for release on September 25th.

Then I was able to find and play the latest from Superhumanoids. Superhumanoids are a Los Angeles based mixed-gendered, foursome that makes modern, intelligent Alt. Pop. As they themselves say, “we make dreamy pop that shouts summery ’60s harmonies, garage rock’s raw tonality, slick new-wave electronics, and the adventurous dissonance of ’90s indie rock.” Well…that about covers it all. The new album is DO YOU FEEL OKAY, which comes out on September 11th. The song I had for airplay was Touch Me.

Next up is Sol Gems. They are a Psych, Alt. Rock trio out of Johannesburg, South Africa. The Sol Gems appear on a compilation EP put out by PSYCH NIGHT. PSYCH NIGHT are a group that hosts and promotes Psychedelia music in South Africa. I have the EP title as “Psych Night Inner City Psych Fest.” The cover art just says, “Into The Sound.” However it goes the track I have, Mystery Of Mind,” is pretty cool and can be had for free.

Let me slip in one more from PWR BTTM. They are a rocking twosome out of New York. They are on Father/Daughter records and they are getting ready to release their full-length album debut. The album is UGLY CHERRIES, which comes out September 18th; and the song I shared with my listeners is not the selected single…I just liked it better. This is 1994.

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New Release Show Playlist 9-22-15

Bronze Radio Return – “Light Me Up” – LIGHT ME UP – Ep

Gypsy & the Cat – “Hearts A Gun” – HEARTS A GUN – Ep

Moses Gunn Collective – “Shalala” – MERCY MOUNTAIN

Martin Courtney – “Vestiges” – MANY MOONS

Hootan Tennis Club – “Jasper” – JASPER – Single

Youthless – “Golden Spoon” – THIS GLORIOUS AGE

Jill Andrews – “Get Up, Get On” – THE WAR INSIDE

Jill Andrews – “Blue Sky” – THE MIRROR*

New Order – “Bizarre Love Triangle” – SINGLES**

Duran Duran – “Pressure Off (feat. Janelle Monae and Nile Rodgers)” – PAPER GODS

Circa Waves – “T-Shirt Weather” – YOUNG CHASERS

The Radio Dept. – “This Repeated Sodomy” – THIS REPEATED SODOMY – Single

Modern Space – “Pen To Paper” – BEFORE SUNRISE


**Re-Issue Song Of The Week

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New Release Show Playlist 9-15-15

Seapony – “Let Go” – A VISION

Terrible Truths – “See Straight” – TERRIBLE TRUTHS

Rehearsed Living – “Memorised” – MEMORISED – Single

TIO – “Through The Heavy Clouds” – THROUGH THE HEAVY CLOUDS – Single

Lara & The Bluz Dawgs – “Don’t Mess With My Baby” – HOWLIN’

Ben Folds – “Capable Of Anything” – SO THERE

Patty Griffin – “There Isn’t One Way” – SERVANT OF LOVE

Patty Griffin – “Mad Mission” – LIVING WITH GHOSTS*

Allman Brothers – “Wasted Words” – BROTHERS AND SISTERS**

Giorgio Tuma – “My Lively Youth (feat. Malik Moore)” – MY LIVELY YOUTH – Single

Bears With Guns – “The Deep End” – THE DEEP END – Single

Hunck – “I’ll Wait” – I’LL WAIT – Single

Knife Pleats – “One Step Too Far” – HAT BARK BEACH

Sweet Spirit – “Baby When I Close My Eyes” – COKOMO


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New Release Show Playlist 9-8-15

Joanna Gruesome – “I Don’t Wanna Relax” – PEANUT BUTTER

Kathryn Calder – “New Millennium” – NEW MILLENNIUM – Single

Youngsmith – “Wither” – WITHER – Single

Fictonian – “Little Blue Book” – DESIRE LINES

Andy T – Nick Nixon Band – “Deep Blue Sea” – NUMBERS MAN

Destroyer – “Times Square” – POISON SEASON

Alex Winston – “Dead End” – THE DAY I DIED – Ep

Alex Winston – “Choice Notes” – SISTER WIFE – Ep*

The Bangles – “Walk Like An Egyptian” – GREATEST HITS**


Max Frost – “Withdrawal” – INTOXICATION

Superhumanoids – “Touch Me” – DO YOU FEEL OK?

Sol Gems – “Mystery Of Mind” – PSYCH NIGHT INNER CITY PSYCH FEST – Ep



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