Top Ten for 2014




I Know Leopard – ILLUMINA – Ep

Highs – HIGHS – Ep

Young Maverick – HOLIDAY POPULAR

Tangerine – BEHEMOTH!


The Good Sports – MANDARIN TIME – Ep

Alvvays – ALVVAYS


The Tontons – Make Out King and Other Stories of Love



Honorable Mention:

Alanna Royale – ACHILLES

Imelda May – TRIBAL

Lisa Crawley – ALL IN MY HEAD

Naïve Thieves – VAMONOS

Springtime Carnivore – SPRINGTIME CARNIVORE

Franny and Zooey – BOTTLED UP & READY TO GO – Ep

The History Of Apple Pie – FEEL SOMETHING

Real Estate – Atlas

Honeydrop – PRELUDE

The Popguns – POP FICTION

Nick Waterhouse – Holly


Compilation CD – AMERICAN SOLE

Holiday New Release Show Playlist One 12-2-14


The Plush Interiors – “Santa I’ll Be Good” – SANTA’S PLAYLIST

The Coats – “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” – A HOLIDAY TASTING – Single

Wendy Colter & Julia Wolff – “Christmas Wonderland” – SANTA’S PLAYLIST

The Snake Oil Willie Band – “Gift Card” – GIFT CARD – Single

The Living Sisters – “Skip The Sugar (Good Girl) – HARMONY IS REAL: SONGS FOR A HAPPY HOLIDAY

Los Campesinos! – “When Christmas Comes” – A LOS CAMPESINOS! CHRISTMAS

People You Know – “The Christmas Blues” – YOU, ME, AND CHRISTMAS – Ep

The Tractors – “Santa Claus is Comin’ (In a Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train)” – 21 COUNTRY CHRISTMAS FAVORITES

Sean Michael – “Christmas Time” – CHRISTMAS TIME – Single

Maggie Eckford – “Christmas Like We Do” – NASHVILLE INDIE SPOTLIGHT CHRISTMAS


Road 23 – “Faith” – IF I WAS THERE

Johnnyswim – “The Christmas Waltz” – A JOHNNYSWIM CHRISTMAS

Everclear – “Santa Baby” – ALTERNATIVE ROCK X-MAS

1 Girl Nation – “Joy” – A VERY 1 GIRL NATION CHRISTMAS

Home Free – “Full Of Cheer” – HOME FREE

Oh, Hush! – “Christmas With You” – THE WHITE CHRISTMAS ALBUM

Bing Crosby – “A Time To Be Jolly” – DREAMING OF AN OLD CHRISTMAS, VOL. 2

Elizabeth Chan – “Hey Santa” – EVERYDAY HOLIDAYS

Music You Might Otherwise Miss 11-25-14

This is the last regular show for new music for 2014; as December is upon us and I’ve been gathering Holiday music for the last couple months. I will do two holiday music focused shows and a Best Of 2014 for the Tuesday between Christmas and New Years. In the meantime…let me tell you about what I found this week.

I got the show started with Hippo Campus, which I think is a funny name. These four young lads hail from Woodbury, Minnesota and they craft some pretty nifty Alt. Pop music. They have only been a “band” for a little over a year. They released one single, Little Grace,” and did as many gigs as they could get. It got the attention of the local Minneapolis radio station, The Current, and it’s taken off after that. The boys have just released an EP…BASHFUL CREATURES and it is marvelous. It’s six-songs deep they all are very listenable. The track I picked to share with my listeners was Suicide Saturday.”

Then came a tune from Milo Green. Milo Greene is not a person but is really a quintet. I heard the story that the name of the band was a result of a marketing ploy by the band. They mentioned that when they would try to book shows with venues, having an agent was more effective; but they couldn’t afford a booking agent. So they fabricated the name Milo Greene to act as a manager. Then that name ended up being the band’s name. This is their sophomore release, which officially drops in January of 2015. The new disc is titled CONTROL and I spun a deeper cut, which was…Lie To Me.”

Changing musical direction with a down-tempo-ed Indie Pop from Last Lynx. They are a five-piece, mixed gendered band based in Stockholm, Sweden. They have just released a lovely EP, RIFTS, which came out November 7th via SoFo records. The track I picked to share was Get Up.”

I followed that up with a tune from Lady Low. Lady Low is two gals and a guy from Los Angeles, California that play, as they describe, “Romance Rock.” This band’s promotion company reached out to me directly with a link to their new single, Baby Baby/When I Do Wrong,” I played the A-side and I have to say…I liked the B-side too. I like the male/female blending of the vocals.

Next up is light Alt. Pop, mixed-gendered, trio (sometimes a quartet) from Brisbane, Australia. They are Love Signs. They are very new to the music scene and they are already getting serious traction in their homeland down under. They released their first single, Wish At Home,” in June of this year to wonderful reviews. Well…they are back with a second single, Hold You Down,” which is a truly lovely example of sophisticated Pop.

Then came new music from The Ropes. The Ropes are Sharon Shy (on Bass and vocals) and Toppy (multi-instrumentalist and Vocals). They are a self-described “Minimalist, Lyrical, Punk band based in New York. This is my first exposure to The Ropes and while doing research for the show I discovered The Ropes have been together almost ten years with several EPs and albums to their credit. The latest addition to that discography is a three-song EP entitled SADNESS IS THE RICH MAN’S DRUG and I played for my listeners…track number three, I Am The Last Ghetto.

My lineage subject was I Know Leopard. I Know Leopard, which is a great band name…is mixed-gendered, fivesome based Sydney, Australia. They specialize in radio friendly, Adult Alternative Rock. So far, the band has released a series of singles. Hold This Tight came out this January; She came out in October of last year; and Daisy Eyes just came out in April. All those songs, along with a couple new ones, were compiled into their first official release, an EP entitled ILLUMINA. Well…I Know Leopard is back with another single. This one is Picture Perfect.” I would think that wonderful unsigned band would get a record deal in 2015 and put out their first full-length album.

The lineage feature was completed with Daisy Eyes,” which was released as a single in April of this year and also included in their debut, EP…ILLUMINA.

My re-issue release of the week was from The Doobie Brothers. The album that has been re-released is a their monster hit…TAKIN’ IT TO THE STREETS. The album originally released in 1976 and, as an album, reached #8 on the POP Charts with songs on it like the Title Track, Wheels Of Fortune and It Keeps You Running.” This album also marked the debut of Michael McDonald and his influence on the band’s sound was transformative and later sparked a remarkable solo career. The song I picked for this feature is the Title Track.

I closed off that two-song set with the latest effort from Tiger Lou. Tiger Lou is an Indie Rock quartet out of Sweden fronted by Rasmus Kellerman. They’ve been together making music since 2001, however, they have not put out any new material since 2008. So this new single, Homecoming #2, represents a return to the music scene both figuratively and literally.

Keeping the tunes going here is something new from The Motherland. They are a mixed-gendered, Indie Alt. Folk band out of Johannesburg, South Africa and fronted by Sean Hayz. The band’s Mission Statement is: “The vision of The Motherland is to change lives (one at a time) using the proceeds generated through our music. The Motherland is more than just a band, the Motherland is a movement.” The tune I had for airplay, Drifting Away,” is their latest single. This song is available for free download and I’ve posted it on my website already.

I followed that up with the latest material from The Jensens. The Jensens are a quintet out of Brisbane, Australia and like to play “Garage Pop.” Their plan is to release two singles this November with two more expected next year. The single I had for airplay was Fears.”

Let’s keep things going here with another new tune from Huskies. Huskies are an unsigned, four-piece, indie, Alt. Pop band out of Nottingham, England. Other than that…I don’t’ have a lot on this four young lads. I first featured them in March of this year March of this year with a catchy little number, Whatever Together*.” Well…they are back with another single. This one is Surrender.”  (*free download at that link) (free download for SURRENDER)

Let me slip in one more from Kero Kero Bonito. They are a quirky, Japan-Pop influenced trio that are based in London. The band is Sarah, Gus and Jamie. They have been together for a couple years with a few singles and an EP under their belt. They have just released this single, Build It Up,” and it WILL get your attention.

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