Music You Might Otherwise Miss 5-27-14

For most residents of the United States people have Monday off for the Memorial Day holiday, which is nice. However, for me, I still have to put together a show for Tuesday and most of my holiday Monday I was looking new music and this is what I found.

The show started with Colony House. Colony House is three young lads out of Franklin, Tennessee that refer to their music as Alternative Rock, however, I feel a touch of Pop sensibility on this track I found over the holiday weekend. The band’s name comes from an apartment complex in which all three band members at one time lived. This trio is readying to release their debut, full-length album, WHEN I WAS YOUNGER, which will hit the streets on July 22nd. The song I had for the program was the lead off track…it is Silhouettes.”

Then it was a track from Misun closing off the opening hour two-song set. If you listen to my show with any frequency you probably already know Misun. For you newbies Misun (Me-sun) started as a mixed-gendered trio, from Washington, DC and fronted by Misun Wojcik (sounds like a nice polish girl). They have since added another member to the band and moved to Los Angeles. (Both moves, I believe, is a good idea) The force behind Misun is, of course, Misun herself, however, she works closely with her buddy and bandmate, Nacey. Nacey produces all of the band’s material. They make a great team and I just think they are destined for bigger things. The new single I just aired, Eli Eli,” is part of a compilation by Kitsune. (Kitsune is a French Fashion label and a record label, as well. They are tastemakers in Fashion & Music). This pairing with Kitsune is just perfect for Misun.

Changing musical direction with a duo that are already getting a lot of attention and have only released a solitary single…but it’s a good single. They are Mexico City Blondes, which are Greg Doscher and Allie Thompson. I pulled this description about the band from their bio; it’s succinct and I thought why would I try to recreate something that is already spot on.   “Greg Doscher was previously a guitarist in Tripdavon with which he recorded and co-produced 3 albums touring in Asia, Europe and North America. Their debut album reached number 12 on the UK charts and their songs have been featured on shows such as HBO’s Entourage and The OC. Allie was raised on American folk and grew up playing other peoples’ music on her piano. Adulthood brought a desire to learn guitar and also a fascination with synthetic sounds and dreamy, trip-hop vocals. Learning to play guitar led her to begin writing her own songs. They met in Santa Barbara, California, and after bonding over shared musical influences decided to make a record.” The result is this single, Fade.”

I then threw in a new tune from Emma Ruth Rundle. I can’t recall how I found Miss Emma Ruth Rundle; it’s a very stream of consciousness process when I look for new music. Anyway, while prepping for the show, I research online about who these artists are and in this case with Ms. Rundle, there was not a lot to be had. I checked out her Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and linked to these pages from her own website…because her website states (under the “About” section…me thinking there would be a full bio there), “ERR is a musician and visual artist born and based in Los Angeles, CA.” I had to laugh. So…ERR’s new album is SOME HEAVY OCEAN and the track I featured was Run Forever.”

Next up is a new track from Eric Frisch. Eric is based in New York and he sits squarely, music wise, in the Indie Pop section. He has just self-released a seven-song album entitled GOODBYE BIRDCAGE. The new disc may be too Poppy for some, however, some of the tunes, for me, harken back to the Everly Brothers or Buddy Holly. I could see putting on this music at a Summer picnic and it adding to the texture of the event. The selected single is Learn To Swim,” however I went with the lead off track…Pretty Girls.”

I then featured new music from Allison Weiss. I first found Allison Weiss back in 2009. She was based in Athens, Georgia and just starting out. I went back into my notes and this is what I wrote back then.   “Allison is the epitome of the contemporary singer/songwriter for these modern times. She is media savvy with Facebook accounts, I-like pages and twitters up a storm. She also engages her budding fan base by soliciting them for donations to help launch her debut, full-length album, which they did. The result is called ALLISON WEISS…WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG.” Since that time Allison has released an EP, an album, and from February 2012 to January 2013…Allison did a new song a month project. She is readying the release of a new EP…entitled REMEMBER WHEN. She has also scored herself a place on the VAN’S WARPED TOUR as part of the acoustic basement. The track I aired was Giving Up.

My lineage subject was The Creases. They are an Indie Alt. Pop band out of Brisbane, Australia fronted by Joe Agius and Jarrod Mahon. I discovered these guys because of following another band, The Preatures. An Australian music website had just published a review of The Preatures, Major Leagues and The Creases. So…I was thinking…I like the two former bands, I should check out this Creases band. I was rewarded with a dynamite single…well more about that later. I reached out to these guys and I got the chance to meet up with them at this year’s SXSW. We had a blast. They are great kids…and very talented. Anyway…so the boys sent me a note about their new single, Static Lines.” And that’s what I have for part one of this feature.

Part two of the lineage featuring The Creases was fulfilled byI Won’t Wait,” which came out as a stand-alone single in 2013.

My re-issue release of the week was from Depeche Mode. The album that has been re-released is SPEAK & SPELL. It was the band’s debut album, which was released back in 1981. The band’s original line up was David Gahan, Martin Gore, Andy Fletcher and Vince Clarke. (Vince Clarke left the band in 1981, shortly after the release of this album to combine talents with Alison Moyet and create the band Yaz, which was one of my favorite New Wave bands of the early Eighties). So the debut album by Depeche Mode contained the songs New Life,” Dreaming Of Me and this one…Just Can’t Get Enough.”

I completed that two-song set with the latest effort from Paperwhite. Paperwhite is Katie and Ben Marshall; siblings originally from Newtown, Pennsylvania but now make their base of operations out of Brooklyn. They focus on synthesizer based Pop and if you tuned into the show, the song I played, Magic,” fits nicely into that genre. So far, Paperwhite has only released two singles so far…both of which are self-released.

Keeping the tunes going here is something from Ivory Hours. This is another band that reached out to me directly via my website, which is very cool. They are getting ready to release their new album, MARY, which is due out May 30th. This unsigned, Alt. Pop, mixed-gender quartet out of London, Ontario, Canada sent me the link download the entire album. (That is so cool) So I had a chance to listen through the whole disc over the weekend. The lead off single is the title track, which has a nice video to it, however I went with The Attic.” So what you think.

Next came the latest material from Naïve Thieves. Naïve Thieves is a trio fronted by Casey Crescenzo. (He used front The Dear Hunter). I ran across the new album, VAMONOS, over the weekend and I was thoroughly impressed with the entire effort. (I have put it on my preliminary Best Of list for 2014). The lead off single, Anxiete,” which was what I picked for air, really caught my ear. I was also drawn to deeper cuts on the disc. BTW, if you click on the song like you can get the free download of this track. Bonus!

Let’s keep things going here with a tune from Freeman. Fronted by Aaron Freeman, Freeman is an Alt. Pop quintet out of Woodstock, New York. Their new, self-titled album, out on Partisan Records, is due out July 22nd. The track I had for air was The English and Western Stallion.”

That was followed by a tune from The Bulletproof Bomb. The tune I spun, Suitcase,” was originally released in March of this year but I just ran across it and I thought you might like to check it out. This post-punk oriented five-some is based in London has been releasing a series of singles to try to gain some traction.

Let me slip in one more from Haunted Hearts. It’s a side project of Dee Dee Penny (of the Dum Dum Girls) and Brandon Welchez (of The Crocodiles). The new album, INITIATION, is out today and this is “Something That Feels Bad Is Something That Feels Good.”

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Music You Might Otherwise Miss 5-2-0-14

As the unofficial start of Summer, Memorial Day, approaches; new material slows a bit. So I had to do most of my searching abroad where there is no similarly scheduled holiday. Let me tell you about what I found this week.

I kicked off the show with Saint Raymond. Saint Raymond’s given name is Callum Burrows and he’s a singer/songwriter from Nottingham, England. This guy is a go-getter. He wrote and self-produced his debut EP, ESCAPADE, in 2013 when he had just turned eighteen. On the strength of that release, Saint Raymond, got signed by Warner Records in the UK. Then before he turned nineteen, he released his second EP, YOUNG BLOOD. So now…this talented, prolific young man has just released another EP entitled GHOSTS. The first single in the UK was Brighter Days.” It’s nice, however, I seemed to be drawn to the title track.

I then featured We Are Catchers. We are Catchers is essentially Peter Jackson; a singer/songwriter from Liverpool, England. My on-air listeners sampled, Isabella,” which is the second single of his self-titled debut. The first single was Tap Tap Tap,” which came out in March of this year.

Changing musical direction with a couple tracks from artists I just heard about at a music conference I recently attended. It’s the Non-Commercial Radio conference held in Philadelphia at the World Café Live. One of the last sessions is termed “The Music Meeting.” Labels let our group sample just released songs or ones that have yet to be released. It’s always a lot of fun and I get to sample some material I wouldn’t have necessarily found on my own. The first track is from Kan Wakan. They are a mixed-gendered, seven-piece orchestral rock outfit based in Los Angeles. Their debut, full-length album, MOVING ON, drops on the 3rd of June. The tune I had for airplay was Like I Need You.”

I followed that up with a tune from Whitehorse. Whitehorse is another band featured at the Radio Conference music meeting; however, it was not the tune I played for my listeners. The track at the conference was Devil’s Got A Gun,” which I found last year when Whitehorse self-released their last album. They have a new deal now and what you just heard is their latest single…Boss Man.”

Next up is a new track from the Leisure Suite. They are an unsigned, mixed-gendered, Electronic Pop trio out of Melbourne, Australia. They have just released this single, Great Expectations,” in anticipation of a new EP that is in the works. This song has such a smooth feel to it. The young woman lead-singer, Bridget Le, croons beautifully. I can’t wait for more material from this new, young band.

Then came new music from High Ends. High Ends is really just Jeffery Innes. Jeffrey also fronts the band Yukon Gold; they are a Canadian Indie rock band. For this new project, Jeffery is focusing more on synthesizers/electronica and less Indie. (I like it) The tune I had for airplay was The Weight.”

My lineage subject was The Phoenix Foundation. They are an Indie Progressive Rock sextet out of Wellington, New Zealand. I did read that the band takes it name from the television show MacGyver. MacGyver worked for the Phoenix Foundation. They’ve been together, in this six-piece configuration, since 2001. They have released five albums, worked on two soundtracks and just released their third EP; TOM’S LUNCH. The cut I had for part one was Bob Lennon John Dylan.”

Part two for The Phoenix Foundation lineage was Pot,” which appears on their 2011 release, BUFFALO.

My re-issue release of the week was from Cream. Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton. They were only together two and a half years, released four albums and made it into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. Well there have been several compilations done on this band…the one that’s been re-issued is THE BEST OF CREAM. (It was originally released in 1969) Ten songs strong with standards like I Feel Free,” Tales of Brave Ulysses and this one…Sunshine of Your Love.”

I closed off that two-song set with the latest effort from Tigers Jaw. Tigers Jaw was originally a five-piece, indie alt. rock band out of Scranton, Pennsylvania. I say “originally” because the band announce in they announced that they were going on hiatus and the reason for that was…three of the five members “were unable to do Tigers Jaw anymore.” However, the “band” still exists and is fronted by two original members; Brianna Collins and Ben Walsh. The yet to be released album is CHARMER and I believe it drops on June 3rd. The tune I spun was Hum.”

Next up was something from Exiles. Exiles are a mixed-gendered, indie, shoegazing pop band based in Brooklyn. I pulled this quote from the band’s SoundCloud page…it seems apropos. “Inspired by a childhood growing up by the New Jersey shore, Exiles writes songs about lazy summers spent with good friends and the longing and nostalgia that comes at summer’s end.” The track I played, Circular Key,” is from the upcoming EP, ONLY SUMMER, which hits the digital streets on May 26th.

I proceeded that with the latest material from Modern Rivals. Modern Rivals are five-piece, Indie rock outfit also based in Brooklyn. This is their first, full-length release, which is entitled CEMETERY DARES. I played the lead off single The Dead Leaves.”

Let’s keep things going here with a tune from Tearjerker. Tearjerker is a trio from Toronto comprised of Trevor (drums & samples); Micah (guitars & vocals); and Taylor (guitar, base and keys). They spend their musical time in the thick, shoegazy Indie arena. Back in February I played You Can,” which was the selected single from the new, four-song EP, HIDING. But since the EP dropped today…I thought I’d sample another tune from the disc, which was Another Moon.”

Let me slip in one more from Landlady. They are a quintet based in Brooklyn. They are a quirky, generally indescribable, genre-bending band. They are releasing their new album, UPRIGHT BEHAVIOR, on July 15th. This tune is Dying Day.”

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New Release Show Playlist 5-27-14

Colony House – “Silhouettes” – WHEN I WAS YOUNGER

Misun – “Eli Eli” – KITSUNE AMERICA 3

Mexico City Blondes – “Fade” – MEXICO CITY BLONDES – Ep

Emma Ruth Rundle – “Run Forever” – SOME HEAVY OCEAN

Eric Frisch – “Pretty Girls” – GOODBYE BIRDCAGE

Allison Weiss – “Giving Up” – REMEMBER WHEN – Ep

The Creases – “Static Lines” – STATIC LINES – Single

The Creases – “I Won’t Wait” – I WON’T WAIT – Single*

Depeche Mode – “Just Can’t Get Enough” – SPEAK & SPELL**

Paperwhite – “Magic” – MAGIC – Single

Ivory Hours – “The Attic” – MARY

Naive Thieves – “Anxiete” – VAMONOS

Freeman – “The English and Western Stallion” – FREEMAN

The Bulletproof Bomb – “Suitcase” – SUITCASE – Single

Haunted Hearts – “Something That Feels Bad Is Something That Feels Good” – INITIATION


**Re-Issue Song of the Week

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New Release Show Playlist 5-20-14

Saint Raymond – “Ghosts” – GHOSTS – Ep

We Are Catchers – “Isabella” – ISABELLA – Single

Kan Wakan – “Like I Need You” – MOVING ON

Whitehorse – “Boss Man” – BOSS MAN – Single

Leisure Suite – “Great Expectations” – LEISURE SUITE – Ep

High Ends – “The Weight” – THE WEIGHT – Single

The Phoenix Foundation – “Bob Lennon John Dylan” – TOM’S LUNCH – Ep

The Phoenix Foundation – “Pot” – BUFFALO*

Cream – “Sunshine Of Your Love” – THE BEST OF CREAM**

Tigers Jaw – “Hum” – CHARMER

Exiles – “Circular Key” – ONLY SUMMER – Ep

Modern Rivals – “The Dead Leaves (Danse Macabre Midnight)” – CEMETERY DARES

Tearjerker – “Another Moon” – HIDING – Ep

Landlady – “Dying Day” – UPRIGHT BEHAVIOR


**Re-Issue Song of the Week

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Music You Might Otherwise Miss 5-13-14

It’s been another fantastic week for new music…if you know where to look. The show this week was particularly rewarding. The downside is that it makes it very hard to figure out which tracks make it into rotation. BTW…David Dye from World Café just interviewed/featured Ages and Aged and around the same time NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts had The Good Sports; both bands I have been playing for months. I am pleased they are starting to catch up.

So…let me tell you about this week’s discoveries.

I kicked off the show with Busy Kingdom. Busy Kingdom is fronted by two brothers, Michael and Brendan Etherington; supported by Curtis Ardolino and Alex Barnard. The brothers are originally from Sydney, Australia but moved to Melbourne. They’ve had some minor success with their style of “Melodic Rock” supported by nifty harmonizing by the brothers. They released an EP in 2013, self-titled, and started getting airplay with the single Darcy,” which you can download for free via their SoundCloud page. (I’ve listened to it and it’s quite catchy) They have a new label, A&R Records, and a new single. This fun little number is Stranger Than Fiction.”

Completing the two-song set of the opening hour was a track from Caitlin Park. She’s a clever singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia. Caitlin calls her music style “Folktronica.” And this is her description…”taking folk and electro-acoustics to new heights with her abstract composition, sampling and film nostalgia.” It’s refreshing and well crafted to say the least. That sample I had for airplay was Wake Up In A Whirr and it is the lead off track of her new album, THE SLEEPER. Bad news though…it’s not available here in the States…well at least not yet.

Changing musical direction with Reigning Sound. They are a five-piece, mature garage band originally from Nashville but currently make their home in Ashville, North Carolina, which is convenient because they just are releasing their first album for Merge Records. (For those of you that don’t know…Merge Records are located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina). The band started in 2001 and had a run of five studio albums in eight years; with a couple of LIVE albums thrown in there. They had been quiet for a few years with the only release being an EP in 2011. Well something moved the band’s frontman, Greg Cartwright, and it got him writing again and that work caught the attention of Merge Records. The new album is SHATTERED and the track I had for my listeners was Never Coming Home.” BTW, Reigning Sound is playing in the Boston area on May 23rd at the Middle East.

That was followed by a tune from DWNTWN. DWNTWN has just released a dynamite, self-titled EP. It’s five tracks long and I’d say three of those five could be singles. I had a tough time picking which song to play for my radio show. I ended up with Til Tomorrow.”

Next up was a new track from the Adelines. This song is bittersweet in the sense that The Adelines announced they are breaking up. I read this last week on their Facebook page. I wrote a comment on their wall…“I was crushed.” Jennie Morris, the frontwoman of the band, was kind enough to send me back a note of acknowledgement. Anyway…The Adelines recorded three songs last September but never released them. The band decided that since they were “no more” they would make these tracks available for free. The EP is titled FAREWELL and the tune I picked, If You Go,” seems now…quite prescient.

Then I had new music from Vacationer. Vacationer is a four-piece band out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They’ve been together since 2011 and have only released one album and a couple of singles so far. I first featured them in October of 2011 with the single Trip,” which I then followed up with Gone.” Their sophomore release, RELIEF, is due out June 24th. The pre-release single is The Wild Life and I played that back in April. I just got my hands on another cut from the new disc; this one is In The Grass. So I thought I’d share it with you.

My lineage subject was Why We Love. Why We Love are an Indie Alt. Pop band from Bristol; in the U.K. I found them because of another UK band I follow and introduced to you…The Adelines. (Kind of ironic isn’t that the band the Adelines introduced me to releases a new song at the same time The Adelines announce their demise). Anyway…as I mentioned Why We Love has just released this new single, Patina.” I’m assuming that an album or EP is in the works.

Part two from Why We Love for the lineage was It’s A Shame,” which appeared as a stand-alone single and it came out in 2013.

My re-issue release of the week was from Peter Gabriel. This guy is amazing. There is not a great deal more I can say about him that you don’t already know. The guy has had a storied career and he’s still working. The album that has been re-issued is a “Best Of Compilation:” SHAKING THE TREE: SIXTEEN GOLDEN GREATS. I believe this collection came out in 2002. It’s got all the great hits on it and I went with Big Time.”

I closed off that two-song set with the latest effort from East. I really like this young artist from New South Wales, Australia but I don’t have a great deal of information on her. I have to say that “East” is a terrible name to pick as an artist…that is if you want to be found by Google. I was able to find her Facebook page, which she’s only had since March of this year. I also found her SoundCloud page, which has only one song and it’s the one I spun…Old Age. She has some “major” potential.

Keeping the tunes going here is something from Matrimony. They are a international, four-piece, mixed-gendered, indie band based in Charlotte, North Carolina and are fronted by the husband and wife team of Jimmy and Ashley Hardee Brown. Jimmy Brown is originally from Northern Ireland and the name of their new album, MONTIBELLO MEMORIES, is named after Brown’s family ancestral home in the UK. They have self-released an EP and one album but with the release of their latest effort they’ve been signed to Columbia Records, which is a big deal. The track I have for airplay was a deeper cut off the disc…it is How Do You See Me.”

Then came the latest material from The Forest & the Trees. The Forest & the Trees are a Pop oriented, male/female duo based out of Stockholm, Sweden. The song I had for air, Putting Down The Gun,” was originally released as a single in 2013 and is also included in the June 16th release of MISSIONS, their debut, full-length album.

Let’s keep things going here with a tune from 9yrs. I found 9yrs because they contacted me. The band sent me an introductory email with a link to their new album, THIS IS. (How cool is that) I was thoroughly impressed right from the first track, which is what I played for my listeners. It was Chemical Love Letters.”

Let me slip in one more from Stand Up and Say No. They are a straightforward, indie rock band out of Canada fronted by Andre Nault. They have just released an EP entitled ASSUMING LOYAL. This is the album’s lead-off track, Can You Feel.”

Songs in BOLD are links to videos of that song. Songs that are ITALICIZED are links to Soundcloud Audio Files of said song.

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New Release Show Playlist 5-13-14

Busy Kingdom – “Stranger Than Fiction” – STRANGER THAN FICTION – Single

Caitlin Park – “Wake Up In A Whirr” – THE SLEEPER

Reigning Sound – “Never Coming Home” – SHATTERED

DWNTWN – “Til Tomorrow” – DWNTWN – Ep

The Adelines – “If You Go” – FAREWELL – Ep

Vacationer – “In The Grass” – RELIEF

Why We Love – “Patina” – PATINA – Single

Why We Love – “It’s A Shame” – IT’S A SHAME – Single*


East – “Old Age” – OLD AGE – Single

Matrimony – “How Do You See Me” – MONTIBELLO MEMORIES

The Forest & the Trees – “Putting Down The Gun” – MISSIONS

9yrs – “Chemical Love Letters” – THIS IS

Stand Up And Say No – “Can You Feel” – ASSUMING LOYAL – Ep


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Music You Might Otherwise Miss 5-6-14

I don’t know if this is getting easier or more artists are just sending me better material because they know what kind of music that makes my shows. I like very much how the shows this year are shaping up. They are making it harder for me to pick music for the main show portion. What a wonderful problem to have. So…let me tell you about what I found this week.

I kicked off the show with Manfred Kidd. They are an Indie Pop duo out of Gothenburg, Sweden; Victor Crusner and Fredrik Folkestad. These two lads were old school chums that had gone their separate ways as teens and by happenstance ran into one another on tram. They are started talking about their disparate paths and realize that they had actually been on similar roads…just with different people. The connection was forged that night and they started working together. They have released two singles so far, Scatterwind and Lights;” and are working on an EP. The tune I played was the latter.

I followed that up with a track from Mulholland. His full name is Jol Mulholland and he is from Auckland, New Zealand but currently lives in New York. Mulholland has been writing and recording music for a couple years; mostly writing for other bands. In the latter part of 2013 he released his debut, full-length album, THE SOUNDS OF BARKING SEA LIONS. The album was recorded on an IBM286, which I’m sure would be considered an antique today. That album was more of an experiment in Electronic Pop rhythms and sounds. With the release of this single, Cry If You Want To,” Mulholland is taking a stab a mainstream Pop. I think he’s got it.

Changing musical direction with a lovely song by Al Parkinson. I found this song, “Like This,” late last week and was so taken with it that I “tweeted” about it immediately and posted it on my SoundCloud page, which is why you should follow me on Twitter and SoundCloud. Anywho…Al Parkinson is from Melbourne, Australia and she paints her music with a sparse brush. The song I have for you is called Like This and it’s a beautiful, uncomplicated and she plays the ukulele. How can you go wrong?

Then I was thrilled to play a tune from Sharon Van Etten. Sharon Van Etten is back with a brand new album, ARE WE THERE. The tune I played, Taking Chances,” is the album’s pre-release single. The album itself officially drops on May 27th. Sharon is getting ready to start her album tour, which includes a stop here in the Boston area on June 11th at the Sinclair. Check her website to see if she’s playing in your town. (It’s a pretty big tour)

Next up is the “throw-back” sound of Tami Neilson. She is originally from Toronto but now makes her home in New Zealand. Ms. Neilson has been honored in her adopted country’s music industry with NEW ZEALAND COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS “BEST FEMALE ARTIST” 2010 & 2011, which is quite the honor. However, I wouldn’t place her in the “Country” category. (At least in today’s Country category) Tami is more in the style of a Patsy Cline but with a little Amy Winehouse thrown in. {Well…instead of me telling you about it; let me just play a tune for you} The new album is called DYNAMITE! and the song I featured was Walk (Back To Your Arms).”    That’s a great video.

Keep the music going here was a tune from Seoul. I first found this Montreal based band, Seoul, while I was at this year’s SXSW. It was one of those shows I attended by happenstance and was rewarded with discovering a really good new band. I was so taken with these guys that when their showcase was over…I walked right up onto the stage and approached the synth player and presented to him my card. I think he thought I was going to attack him. (I was very forthright with my approach). Anyway…at that time Seoul only had one recorded track, Stay With Us.” Well…they finally just released their second song, White Morning.” And that is what I had my listeners sample.

My lineage subject was Driffs. Driffs are a four-piece, unsigned, surf, indie pop band out of Sydney, Australia. They are so new that they only have six songs, five of which were released in 2013. Their latest effort is Back To Bellevue.” I really like this band and I think they need more attention, which is one of the reasons I picked to feature them today as my lineage.

The lineage feature was rounded off by the Driffs and their tuen Someday,” which appears as a stand-alone single and it came out in 2013.

Then came my re-issue release of the week. It was from The Everly Brothers. Don and Phil…the Everly Brothers. They were like the first “post-Elvis” stars of the late Fifties. I read that their first big hit, Bye, Bye Love,” was turned down by thirty other acts. (It went to number 2 on the Pop charts). I also read that Paul McCartney was thoroughly tongue-tied, as an up-and-coming performer, when he first met Phil Everly. (He, Paul, was a big fan). So the album re-issued was The Very Best of the Everly Brothers, which was released in 2008; and now in 2014. The collection includes the aforementioned song…along with Wake Up Little Susie,” (‘Til) I Kissed You and this one…Cathy’s Clown.”

I closed off that two-song set with the latest effort from 1, 2, 3. They are a four-piece Alt. Rock band based in Pittsburgh, P.A. (That’s where I grew up) This interesting, kind of off-kilter track is called Porch Swing Song and I have it as a single but I don’t think you can buy it yet. I went to the band’s record label site, American Hermitage, and they announced that 1, 2, 3’s new album, BIG WEATHER, will be officially released on May 27th. It’s a two album set with 20 songs and available on vinyl.

Keeping the tunes going here is something from Big Little Lions. I found them because of a singer/songwriter I follow…Paul Otten. Paul posted about Big Little Lions and I immediately went to their website and was rewarded with some outstanding Neo-Folk. I then tweeted about the band with that Neo-Folk comment, which the band responded back to me that they like that descriptive. Big Little Lions, which I discovered are Paul Otten (surprise!) and Helen Austin. These two artists are fine singer/songwriters in their own right but together…they are amazing. They have released three songs so far (The Way Home, This Road With You and the one I had for airplay…Make It Up As We Go Along.”) Here’s a track from Paul, “Breeze;” and here’s one from Helen Austin, Everybody.”

Next was the latest material from Malandros. Malandros describe themselves as “Three Texans and a Belgian making music in a house next to the railroad tracks in Fort Worth, Texas.” They have just released an EP entitled TURN AROUND. I like the Lo-Fi, Surf Pop feel to their material. Check out Tell Me Something.”

Let’s keep things going here with a tune from EEO (Prounced E-O). EEO is self-described Indie Folk band from Melbourne, Australia with, I think, a Pop sensibility. Daniel Vogl is the frontman for this quartet. They are readying to release this single, Dead Love,” on June 9th.

Let me slip in one more from Popstrangers. Popstrangers are an Alt. Rock band originally from New Zealand but now make London their home. Their label, Carpark Records, will be releasing the band’s new album, FORTUNA, on May 27th. This track, Country Kills,” is the lead off single.

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New Release Show Playlist 5-6-14

Manfred Kidd – “Lights” – WHERE WERE YOU WHEN YOU WERE US – Ep

Mulholland – “Cry If You Want To” – CRY IF YOU WANT TO – Single

Al Parkinson – “Like This” – LIKE THIS – Single

Sharon Van Etten – “Taking Chances” – ARE WE THERE

Tami Neilson – “Walk (Back To Your Arms)” – DYNAMITE!

Seoul – “White Morning” – WHITE MORNING – Single

Driffs – “Back To Bellevue” – BACK TO BELLEVUE – Single

Driffs – “Someday” – SOMEDAY – Single*

The Everly Brothers – “Cathy’s Clown” – THE VERY BEST OF THE EVERLY BROTHERS**

1, 2, 3 – “Porch Swing Song” – PORCH SWING SONG – Single

Big Little Lions – “Make It Up As We Go Along” – MAKE IT UP AS WE GO ALONG – Single

Malandros – “Tell Me Something” – TURNED AROUND – Ep

EEO – “Dead Love” – DEAD LOVE – Single

Popstrangers – “Country Kills” – FORTUNA


**Re-Issue Song of the Week

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