New Release Show Playlist 8-27-13

Body Parts – “Unavoidable Things” – FIRE DREAM

Deep Sea Arcade – “Black Cat” – BLACK CAT – Single

La Dee Da – “Builder” – A DAY IN THE PARK

Emerson Star – “Please Sister (Live)” – PLEASE SISTER – Single

Antonio//Paul – “Coloured Screens”- COLOURED SCREENS – Single

Holy Ghost – “Okay” – DYNAMICS

Dent May – “Born Too Late” – WARM BLANKET

Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele – “Meet Me In The Garden” – THE GOOD FEELING MUSIC OF DENT MAY & HIS MAGNIFICENT UKULELE *

America – “Tin Man” – HOLIDAY**

Ladada – “Comets” – LADADA

Felix Snow – “This Pool Party Feels Like A Funeral” – THIS POOL PARTY FEELS LIKE A FUNERAL – Single

Poliça – “Chain My Name” – SHULAMITH

Zach Buchanan – “Little River” – LITTLE RIVER – Single


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New Release Show Playlist 8-20-13

Ski Lodge – “Just To Be Like You” – BIG HEART

Paper Lions – “Bodies In The Winter” – MY FRIENDS

We Are Twin – “The Way We Touch” – WE ARE TWIN – Ep

Misun – “Hills And Trails” – HILLS AND TRAILS – Single

Glass Towers – “Halcyon” – HALCYON DAYS

The Suburbs – “Dumbass Kids” – SI SUAVAGE

Cults – “I Can Hardly Make You Mine” – STATIC

Cults – “Abducted” – CULTS*

Boz Scaggs – “Lowdown” – ORIGINAL ALBUM CLASSICS**

Stillwater Giants – “Insane” – INSANE – Single

Pale Robot – “I Want Your Blood” – PALE ROBOT

Camden – “Scars” – SCARS – A-side

The Colourist – “Little Games” – LIDO – Ep


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New Release Show Playlist 8-13-13

Snakadaktal – “Hung On Tight” – SLEEP IN THE WATER

Big Data – “Dangerous” – 1.0 – Ep

Lion Bark – “Two Prongs” – TWO PRONGS – Single

Swim Deep – “The Sea” – WHERE THE HEAVEN ARE WE?

Bent Shapes – “Big Machines” – FEELS WEIRD

Stars – “Wishful” – WISHFUL – 7″ A-Side

Cloud Control – “Scar” – DREAM CAVE

Cloud Control – “This Is What I Said” – BLISS RELEASE*

The Band – “Up On Cripple Creek” – THE BAND**

Over The Rhine – “Gonna Let My Soul Catch My Body” – MEET ME AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD


Foy Vance – “Janey” – JOY OF NOTHING

Manor – “Architecture” – ARCHITECTURE – Single


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New Release Show Playlist 8-6-13

Wild Ones – “Row” – KEEP IT SAFE

Ski Lodge – “Boy” – BIG HEART

Devon Sproule – “You Can’t Help It” – YOU CAN’T HELP IT – Single

Agua Roja – “Summer Ends” – SUMMER ENDS – Single

Football, etc. – “Fair” – AUDIBLE

Lucius – “Hey, Doreen” – WILDEWOMAN

Saint Motel – “My Type” – MY TYPE

Saint Motel – “Puzzle Pieces” – PUZZLE PIECES – Single*


Arctic Monkeys – “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” – AM

The Band In Heaven – “Dandelion Wine” – CAUGHT IN A SUMMER SWELL

No Middle Name – “Another Season” – ANOTHER SEASON – Single

Panama Wedding – “All Of The People” – ALL OF THE PEOPLE – Single


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Music You Might Otherwise Miss 7-30-13

Well…my website has been cleared and updated.  It was hacked into, without me knowing it earlier this year and I fouled up most of the functions including emails. So I apologize if you sent me a note and I didn’t respond.  So…let me tell about this week’s new finds.


I got the show kicked off with Boys Boys Boys! They are an unsigned, mixed-gendered, sextet out of Perth, in Western Australia. They are up-tempo, synth-heavy, Alt. Pop and they have just released their second album, WE ARE EXCITED ABOUT EVERYTHING.  I was very interested in these guys and did a tad more digging over the weekend and I found a single that they released in 2011; it is Casio Joy and I really like it. So I will throw that into next week’s show to give you a taste of that tune too. The track I had for the program is off the new disc and is Take It Easy.”


Finishing off that opening set was Summer Camp. I am so psyched that Summer Camp is working on a new album, which I understand is due for release on September 10th. I don’t have the name of it yet but I sampled the pre-release single for it, which is called Fresh.”


Changing musical direction with Reese Lansangan. She is a singer/songwriter; visual artist; and self-confessed hoarder and she is from the Philippines.  Reese describes her music as, “songs about childhood, fun-employment, the woes of being myself, and odd things that fascinate me.”  I went to her SoundCloud page and I discovered that she also likes covering other artists’ songs. (In fact, I liked her cover of a Foster The People tune). Reese has just released this single, Creeper,” about five days ago.


I followed that with a tune from Berlin’s Charity Children.  Charity Children are essentially Chloe Lewer and Elliott McKee; a couple in music, as well as in life. If you listened to the show, the song I aired, I Wish, I Wish,” sonically occupies that sweet spot between Indie and Neo-Folk. They have just released their debut album; THE AUTUMN CAME, which dropped on the 26th of July.


Let’s keep things moving here with an Indie-Pop trio, also from Berlin; The Major Pins. (Can you tell I was on a German music ring site this past weekend?).  The Major Pins are singer and pianist Katharina Garden, Paul B Keeves on bass and Henry Grant on drums. Their new album is ROUNDABOUT and the song I had for airplay, No Poetry,” is the lead off track.


Next was new stuff from Samantha Savage Smith.  I found Ms. Smith back in August of 2011 with the Canadian release of her album, TOUGH COOKIE. (The U.S. release was about a month afterward).  Well, it’s been close to two years later and this is the first taste of new material and all I had for the show was this single, Kids In The Basement.” I did see on her Facebook page that on July 24th she announced that her album was completed, which is awesome news and if this single is any indication; I’m thinking I’m going to be liking it a lot.


My lineage feature was Arms. The band Arms is really just a vehicle for Todd Goldstein from Brooklyn, New York. He also is a member of the band Harlem Shakes.  I first found him in 2007 and since then he’s had a fair share of success in the Indie music scene but you won’t get to hear him much on the Radio…well, other than this radio. His new release is an EP and it’s simply called EP2. The track I had for the show is the lead-off single, “Comfort.” The official street date for the EP is September 10th.


Then finishing with part two of the lineage that was Arms with Whirring;” released as a single in 2007 and was also included in their 2009 debut album, KIDS AFLAME.


My re-issue release of the week was from The Bangles.  The disc that was re-issued was DIFFERENT LIGHT, which was the follow up from their debut album, ALL OVER THE PLACE. (On a side note: back in 1984 I got to see the Bangle live back before they broke into mainstream radio and MTV. They were opening for a band called The Motels. Do you remember them?). Anyway, DIFFERENT LIFE did well commercially, however, what made this release different is that all the hits from this album were covers. Prince’s Manic Monday;” Big Star’s September Gurls;” and Jules Shear’s If She Knew What She Wants.” Even the quirky “Walks Like An Egyptian,” was written by Liam Sternberg back in the early Eighties.  The demo version of that song, which the Bangles listened to, was recorded and sung by Marti Jones. Oh…and the song I eventually went with was Walk Like An Egyptian.”


Closing off that two-song set was a track from Minks.  Minks are (is) essentially Sonny Kilfoyle and his vision.  His latest, and his second, effort is TIDES END and it comes out August 6th so you are getting an early taste of it. The tune was Margot.”


Barcodes is the latest single from Making Marks. This single is also planned for release next month. This “single” actually contains three songs. Two versions of “Barcodes” and an alternative version of a previously released song A Thousand Half-Truths.”  I went with the so-called “Soup Mix” version of “Barcodes.” It’s all so confusing to me.


Next was brand new music from Carousel.  I have really enjoyed watching (and listening) to this band since their inception at Berklee College of Music, which is right down the street from our studios here.  They started in Boston; then moved to Brooklyn; and have now relocated to Los Angeles.  The feel of the new EP, PALMS, reflects this new direction – literally and figuratively.  It seems that the boys are moving head on into mainstream radio and doing it from L.A. makes total sense. I wish them luck and success. Oh…BTW, that track I featured was Not Enough.”


Next up was a tune from Apollo Junction.  Apollo Junction is an unsigned, indie, five-piece from Leeds and London. They’ve released four singles this year and have compiled three of them for this newly released, self-titled EP. The track I had for my live listeners was  Almost There.”


Let me slip in one more from synthesizer focused, Indie Pop band Coach Station Reunion; based in Barcelona, Spain. They have recently released a three-song EP and I played the title track, Into The Night.” 


Songs in BOLD are links to videos of that song. Songs that are ITALICIZED are links to Soundcloud Audio Files of said song.


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